Who is in the cast and what is it all about?

Netflix’s new superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy is flying on the streaming channel this week, but is Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix worth watching and what is it all about?

The cast features a famous former model – which is of course a plus! –and a British actor that viewers will recognize from The Crown.

Although we’re not sure what Lord Snowdon would think of his green tights in his new role!

Here’s everything you need to know about Jupiter’s legacy on Netflix!

Tyler Mane as Blackstar in Jupiter’s Legacy Episode 1 (Steve Wilkie / Netflix)

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Jupiter’s legacy on Netflix: what is it?

Super hero! Men (and women) in tights! Epic battles! And family dramas – so far so good.

After nearly a century of protecting humanity, the world’s first generation of superheroes must look to their children to carry on the legacy.

But tensions mount as young superheroes, eager to prove their worth, struggle to live up to their parents’ legendary public reputation …

Netflix describes the legacy of Jupiter as “an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power and loyalty.”

The story is as much about the tensions of parenthood as it is about heroism.

Even though the parents are a team of overpowered humans known as The Union …

Jupiter’s legacy unfolds over two different timelines, the first of which dates from the late 1920s.

The other timeline is in the present.

Is Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix Based on a Book or a Comic Book?

Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix is ​​based on the graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

The show will primarily follow the first five issues of Millar and Quitely’s Jupiter’s Legacy saga – with fragments of the Jupiter’s Circle prequel dotted around.

The action sees two brothers clashing over their different ideals of what superheroes should do with their powers.

The fallout from this conflict is falling on their children, who have so far refused to mobilize.

The cast of Jupiter's Legacy includes Josh Duhamel and Ben Daniels (Credit: Netflix)
The cast of Jupiter’s Legacy includes Josh Duhamel and Ben Daniels (Credit: Netflix)

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How many episodes are these?

Jupiter’s Legacy has eight episodes in the first series.

This largely covers the first volume of the comic.

Each episode will last one hour.

The first is called “By Dawn’s Early Light”.

Who is in the cast?

Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb play The Utopian and Lady Liberty – still vibrant despite being both around 120 years old.

Their two children are now young adults struggling with the weight of what is expected of them and their heritage.

You could almost describe the royal family!

Daughter Chloe is a Brattish model who flies away in a sea of ​​drugs and alcohol.

Josh Duhamel is famous for being a former model turned actor, who played Captain Lennox in Transformers.

Maybe he’s just as famous for his marriage and divorce from Black Eyed singer Peas Fergie, with whom he has a son.

Leslie Bibb plays Grace aka “Lady Liberty,” but viewers will know her as Viv in American Housewife and Dakota in About a Boy.

British actor Ben Daniels plays Walter aka “Brainwave”.

He is known for his roles in Cutting It, House of Cards, The Crown and The Paradise.

Meanwhile, Andrew Horton plays Brandon aka “Paragon”, Elena Kampouris plays Chloe Sampson, Matt Lanter plays George aka “Sky Fox” and Ian Quinlan plays Hutch.

Also on the bill are Mike Wade, David Julian Hirsh and Tenika Davis.

Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson and Josh Duhamel as Brother Sheldon SHELDON SAMPSON in Jupiter's Legacy (Marni Grossman / Netflix)
Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson and Josh Duhamel as Brother Sheldon in Jupiter’s Legacy (Marni Grossman / Netflix)

What are the critics saying? Is it worth watching?

It’s the start, but opinions seem divided.

James Jackson of The Times describes the series as a series that “wants to have your cake and eat it, being a heroic deconstruction and a showcase to fight the bad guys, with spandex and capes.”

He adds, “It’s a series that aims to appeal to different audiences in different ways.

“Some will find the combative elements an unwanted distraction from the thoughtful interludes and beautifully styled recreations of the 1930s.”

TV Insider says the show is like “This is us but with capes.”

Damian Holbrook explains, “Jupiter grounds the costumed action with bursts of heartbreaking family drama focusing on the resentful children (Andrew Horton and Elena Kampouris) of legendary heroes Utopian (Duhamel) and Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb).”

It also promises “multiple layers” and “early rebound”.

How can I watch it and when?

Jupiter’s Legacy begins broadcasting on Friday, May 07, 2021.

The entire series will be available for Frenzy and will remain on the streaming channel for the foreseeable future.

Jupiter’s Legacy premieres Friday, May 07, 2021 on Netflix.

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