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Who has had the most successful modeling career, Cynthia Bailey or Eva Marcille?

Fans watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Marcille and Eva Marcille have playful jokes about which of the two are most relevant in the modeling world. During season 11 of the show, they clashed on an imaginary track during a talent competition between the actors. The circle of friends voted and said Bailey had the best walk. Since then, Bailey and Marcille have grown to respect each other’s contributions to modeling and have developed a big / little sister relationship. That hasn’t stopped fans from wondering which of the two was more successful as a model.

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Cynthia Bailey’s modeling career

The Alabama native left home at the age of 18 to pursue her modeling dreams and has never looked back. In 1985, Bailey emigrated to New York and immediately signed with an agency. Modeling scouts believed her look was more suited to the international scene and she was sent to Europe where she worked as a model in Paris and Milan for over a year.

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Her work overseas made her more marketable in the United States and she began working in print campaigns, modeling for beauty and fashion brands. Some of his notable works included Maybelline, Oil of Olay, and Target. Bailey has also appeared in magazines in Vogue, Glamor, She and Vanity Lounge. She appeared on two Gasoline covers – the first in 1995 and the second in 1997. Susan L. Taylor, the former editor-in-chief of Essence, once described the cheekbone beauty as one of her favorite models to work with.

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After having her daughter Noelle and moving to Atlanta, Bailey knew it was time to leave the modeling world. With a little help from her husband at the time, she opened the Bailey Agency School of Fashion where she works with applicants of all ages through a series of modeling, theater and business workshops. Some Bailey agency students worked in runway shows for New York Fashion Week and participated in national advertising campaigns.

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Eva Marcille modeling career

By the time Marcille decided to enter the modeling world, the industry had changed rapidly. While Bailey was forced to leave her small town and hit the sidewalk for concerts in New York City, Marcille’s big break came when she took part in the reality show competition series produced by Tyra Banks, The next American top model. After rigorous competition and a modeling training camp, Marcille was chosen as the winner of cycle 3 in 2003.

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To be crowned the winner of ANTM, Marcille’s award included a modeling contract with Ford Models, a magazine featured in Elle and a contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics. Marcille was shorter than most models, so her catwalk work was limited. Instead, she mainly focused on printing, the landing covers on Black Brides, Women’s Health and Fitness, IONA, and Gasoline. She has also appeared in Marc Ecko’s DKNY, Samsung and Red campaigns. Marcille has also worked extensively in the urban modeling world, covering the cover of KING magazine and participating in fashion campaigns for rapper Nelly’s clothing line, Apple Bottoms.

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Marcille ended her business relationship with managers Benny Medina and Tyra Banks in 2006 and has spoken openly about her desire to become an actress. To ease the transition, she dropped her trademark “Pigford” surname and began using her first and middle names only for self-rebranding. Her strategy worked and she starred in the TV series Tyler Perry, Payne House, for several years. She also joined the cast of The young and the restless, which earned him two NAACP Image Award nominations, as well as a variety of other film and television credits.

Who has been more successful as a model, Cynthia Bailey or Eva Marcille?

Bailey and Marcille have both achieved great success in modeling. Bailey has had a more traditional modeling career, becoming an international runway figure and landing major hits with top fashion magazines and beauty brands. Marcille used her short frame to her advantage by working more in prints and realizing that the urban modeling market would be more open to her look and silhouette.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Marcille has higher income with $ 4 million. This could be attributed to the fact that Marcille is younger with the ability to book modeling gigs more regularly and the fact that she has broadened her brand to include acting and maintain recurring roles. She is now building an empire outside of modeling and acts through her home decor line. The Eva Marcille Home collection offers duvets, pillows and bedding sets.

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Cynthia Bailey is rumored to be making $ 300,000 a year from her RHOA Contract. His net worth is estimated at $ 500,000 per Celebrity Net Worth. At 52, Bailey remains a standout beauty and is booked for modeling jobs every now and then. Instead of taking action, she focused her attention on her modeling agency and building her beauty empire. She has a line of accessories that include sunglasses and handbags and she recently tapped into the spirit world by opening a wine show and event space in Atlanta which she named The Bailey Wine Cellar. With Bailey’s expanding businesses, she will be sure to earn more over time.

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