UAEU embraces digitization of roads for smart cities

Sharjah24: UAE University inaugurates the smart roads and autonomous mobility project on 25 October. The project was inaugurated by the Worthy Chancellor HE Zaki Nusseibeh. The ceremony was attended by honorable delegates from different ministries, Abu Dhabi Police, ITC, RTA, industrial partners, UAEU Director of Research, Director of ECMR and researchers.
The Smart Roads project is strongly supported by the UAEU authorities and co-financed by the Sandooq Al Watan. It is an initiative and flagship project of the Emirates Center for Mobility Research (ECMR), led by Dr Manzoor Khan through the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) research group at ECMR. The project will be one of a kind in the region and internationally, where the roads of the UAEU campus can talk, listen and make decisions.

Dr Manzoor Khan, CAM ECMR Research Group Leader and UAEU Smart Roads Initiative Project Leader explained: “The UAEU campus, which is equipped with the latest road infrastructure and facilities, represents an environment urban complex that allows the creation of models. for level 5 autonomous driving, ”. He noted that the role of stakeholders such as equipment suppliers, authorities, OEMs, mobile network operators, etc. He said: “The smart roads project will make UAEU a center for industry and a specialized platform for organizations, universities and researchers.”

Smart partnerships to lead the future

Dr Manzoor Khan reviewed the prototypes of the solution components for the Smart Roads initiative, which also included technologies from SICK FZE, DELL, BENQ and Cohda Wireless, and added that “some of the relevant global leaders in the industry will soon be part of the activity and development of the Smart Roads initiative and relevant activities. Dr Khan has led similar projects in Germany and the European Union. He stressed that the center will be open to integrate other regional and international partners in this activity – a simple email to [email protected] will do the job. With the support of the CAM-ECMR research team, and industrial collaborators, this project will be one of the most significant events at regional and international level.

Smart campus for autonomous vehicles

He stressed that the project is an important step in the journey of the center, which has started to develop the necessary infrastructure for the use of autonomous vehicles. The center started earlier this year in cooperation with the company “Bayanat” for mapping, surveying and geospatial data, which is affiliated with Group 42, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence and implementation. autonomous vehicle service for passenger transport in Abu Dhabi. . It also launched the Strategic Transportation Assessment and Assessment System (STEAM +), which is an advanced multimodal system for predicting transportation demand rates. It uses artificial intelligence techniques and big data analytics to support decision-making, guide the planning process, and prepare comprehensive, integrated plans, which help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Applications of the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution

He stressed that “Data analysis is essential to such efforts, and the UAEU has the advantage of hosting a leading research center in big data analysis. We are working to collect and deliver the data. data necessary for common interests and multiple perspectives in the transportation field.It includes applications of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, business policy and practice, manufacturing and engineering, legal affairs and policies, as well as health and safety, to meet the needs of partners in industry and society, and in the broadest spheres of human activity.

Dr Khan reviewed the prototypes of the components of the solutions for the Smart Roads initiative, which also included technologies from SICK FZE, DELL, BENQ, Cohda Wireless and Pride, as well as prototyping applications and solutions, including: ” smart tower ”. The tower was equipped with equipment for object detection, activity analysis, OBUs, IT infrastructure and data centers. The data is collected for the solution providers in the project’s cloud infrastructure, via an IoT middleware developed in-house. These prototypes were created through close collaboration with partners such as Al Ain Technical Corporation, SICK FZE, DELL, BENQ, Cohda Wireless and Pride.

UAEU roads will become smart with the deployment of smart towers and self-driving golf cars on campus that will become a unique model in the UAE and in the city of Al Ain.

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