Top 10 Data Science Jobs To Apply In September 2021

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September 18, 2021

Looking for a job in data science? Discover these new openings

Right now, the Data Science course is one of the best courses that help you find trending fields of employment in the world. If you are taking a data science course or are already a data scientist, this is undoubtedly the best profession to pursue your career in today’s developing world.

Every organization has its data science needs; nevertheless, various jobs are directly or indirectly related to data science, these jobs are data scientists, data engineers, data architects, machine learning engineers, big data engineers and artificial intelligence experts .

Here are the 10 best data science jobs to apply for in September 2021:

Senior Manager – Data Science at Bain & Company

Location: Bangalore


Empower data science capability for Bain case groups and clients around the world. You will work with case groups to achieve results by studying needs and creating data science techniques, products and capabilities. Foster logical arrangements that bring the core experiences to an assortment of issues such as customer focus and market segmentation, product setup, improved marketing, demand anticipation, and customer assessment. brand, benefit and value reviews, fraud identification. Collaborate with staff and business consulting pioneers and influence them as a feature of multidisciplinary groups to assess openings and foster information-based responses for Bain clients in all areas.

Senior Manager – Data Science at The Smart Cube

Location: Noida / Gurgaon


Plan the solution for cutting edge review projects (big data counting) – which method to use, which tool / innovation to use, etc.

Take ownership of the vehicle for projects including creating adaptable ML models and calculations and deciphering performance. Talk about the different freedoms with existing and expected clients on a specialized level.

Data Scientist – Banking / Insurance at Aureus Analytics

Location: Bombay


Over 5 years of insurance or banking experience using analytics (statistical modeling / machine learning) to solve business problems. Work closely with client companies to understand their prerequisites, assess accessible sources of information and provide information science-based answers to solve business problems. Understanding backwards of calculations such as direct and strategic relapse, choice trees, random forest, gradient amplification, clustering, neural networks and time series forecasting.

Data Scientist – Product Owner at Dell

Location: Bangalore


Assign and lead a group of experts to set vital expectations for detail and analysis to respond to business needs. Help the business initiative interpret and derive actionable decisions from the information. Be an integral part of the business analytics and analysis team as the Product Owner for the Customer Productivity Software Group.

Data Scientist – Advanced Machine Learning at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore


Understand business goals and frame the problem as a data science problem. Configure, train and transmit data science arrangements using all modalities (simple, text, image) and all sizes. Inside-out understanding of deep learning building blocks such as MLP, RNN, LSTM, CNN, transformers. Ability with something like a deep learning framework like PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc.

Data Scientist – Advanced Analytics at Eclerx

Location: Pune


Understand business issues and prerequisites by building information about the area and issues related to information science. Conceptualize and configure advanced data science solutions to solve the information science problem, apply configuration thinking ideas. Recognize the right calculations, the technological stack, the test yields necessary to effectively overcome the final need. Model and investigate the response to effectively expose the value.

Data Scientist at Analytos

Location: Calcutta


Advancement of elite-transmitted processing tasks using Big Data technologies eg Hadoop, NoSQL, text mining and other climate advancements disseminated according to association needs. Plan and lead the formation of new standards and best practices in the use of statistical data modeling.

Data Scientist at Jumio Corporation

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan


Extract and analyze information from the organization’s datasets to drive improvement and improvement in the progress of articles, promoting business methods and procedures. Assess the adequacy and accuracy of new information sources and information collection procedures. Use premonitory display to increase and improve customer encounters, age of earnings, focused advertising, and other business outcomes.

Data Scientist – C3 Developer at Shell

Location: Chennai / Bangalore


Arrangement of unit tests to evaluate the execution of code functionality, advanced SQL, mass storage and questioning of unstructured information, and work on python test structures and different systems like jasmine, flask, react, vue. js

Data Scientist at IBM

Location: Bangalore


Responsible for creating and planning scientific arrangements and models in SAS. Promote models alongside the use of advancements such as SAS e-Miner, Basic SAS, PROC SAS Standard, SAS Advanced, etc.

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