Timeline of Juliana Custodio and Michael’s relationship

90 Day Fiance alumni Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen were dragged out due to their big age gap, but they’re still together. They look very happy.

Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen appeared on 90 day fiancé season 7 and we’re here to share all the highlights of their relationship. They had one of the most successful 90 day fiancé relationships. When fans first met Michael and Juliana, red flags were fluttering in the breeze. Viewers had a lot of doubts about this pair. Michael, 43, a Connecticut resident, was wealthy and divorced, with a profitable wine business. Juliana was only 23 years old and was an up and coming Brazilian model. The chemistry between Michael and Juliana was obvious, but fans wondered if she was there for the cars and the credit card. However, Michael and Juliana have only shown each other love and support since their wedding in October 2020.

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Among the new couples who 90 day fiancé season 7 introduced, Michael and Juliana were controversial. This was mainly due to their huge age gap of almost 20 years. Many franchise fans have wondered if Michael and Juliana’s relationship is fueled by Juliana’s need for money and her desire for a green card. The subject of a marriage contract was raised and created tensions. Plus, the fact that Michael was still a close friend of his ex-wife Sarah seemed odd. However, viewers changed their minds when Sarah officiated Michael and Juliana’s fairytale wedding during the 90 day fiancé final.

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Like Michael (@ michael_jessen_77 on Instagram) rushed into the 90 day fiancé world in his beloved sports car and revealed that he works with wine and travels around the world for a living, he also spoke about Juliana. He met her at a big yacht party that his friend threw in Croatia. It was July 2017. When Michael first saw Juliana from Brazil, he felt like they were “soulmates. “As he started to think Juliana was very sexy, with an amazing body, he quickly liked other things about her. They got to know each other and Michael realized that she was funny. , thoughtful and intelligent. He was amazed that she was so young due to her maturity. Michael knew people would judge him and think he was “just a rich and sleazy old dude taking it out on a hot young lady. “

Michael Juliana Season 7 In 90 Days Fiancé

Michael and Juliana said goodbye to each other, but he’s committed to making her life comfortable. He let her use her credit cards. Michael confessed to doing this so as not to lose her. He tried to bring her to the United States, but his visitor visa was refused. There were suspicions that Juliana had “malicious intentions.”Michael realized that a K-1 visa was their only option. Michael also considered moving to Brazil for his 90 day fiancé partner. However, ultimately he couldn’t say “fucking shit”While her two children Max and Cece lived in America.

While Juliana K-1’s interview was “wrong“because she was presumed to be involved in”illicit activities”And a human trafficking ring, she got approval. She arrived in Greenwich and Michael made the occasion special by giving her champagne, flowers and a $ 4000 necklace. When Juliana met Michael’s family, Sarah suggested that she shouldn’t be overloaded with too many responsibilities as she adjusted to her new life. Around this time, it was revealed that Juliana had already been married for four months. She was forced to marry at the age of 17. Julia also revealed that she and Michael separated for three months in 2018. She felt like a “losing”To need to depend on him financially.

Her state of mind meant Juliana was uncomfortable inviting her family to her wedding to Michael, which took place on October 12, 2019. “It’s more perfect than I could ever imagine to be perfectMichael told the cameras. Their appearance on the show has led Michael to criticize the TLC franchise on several occasions. Juliana has gone out of her way to prove their love is real. The fashionista is now blossoming in her modeling career. While critics keep doubting their relationship, Michael and Juliana continue to live their 90 day fiancé success story, year after year.

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