Modeling career

“They tried to buy me”

Isabeli Fontana (From: clone / Instagram)

to show Isabelle FontanaThe 38-year-old referred to the popular “Pink Book”, a pattern in which some models have agreed to do shows with entrepreneurs. This topic came up with the second season of Secret Facts. In an interview with UOL, she said she never succumbed to this in her career.

“My business has always been a business. I take pictures, campaigns, fashion shows and I go. Sometimes, of course, there’s a man or some other smart ass that says, “Look at my plane.” How many times have they tried to buy me and I say what they have… “See For my plane, you have to see my house and I don’t know where, how my boat is.” Fontana started.

“I have always believed in my career and not using anyone to own something. This is my character. The world exists and I think you have chosen your path. There are people who cannot and end up choosing my career path more. I think it’s a prison. It’s easy now and tomorrow is even more difficult, ”he said. .

Isabelle considers that she is a model for her children: “I can look at them without a mask, without pretense. I never lied to them, because they know their mothers ”, assures the model, who knows the cases of young professionals who agreed to enter the device“ Pink Book ”.

“There are new models and the business is not showing up for them. They think, “Or go back to my house or try to hook up with a rich man?” “I even think that sometimes it turns into love,” he concluded.

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