The most dramatic and doomed “age” relationships

In the 90 day fiancé franchise, May-December romances are nothing new, and there have been times when age differences between the actors played a role in their relationship fading. It can be difficult to make a new partnership work. It’s even more difficult when the two partners are at drastically different times in their lives.

Large age gaps in a relationship can trigger a host of issues, including economic imbalances, family disapproval, and jealousy. These problems are only scratching the surface. Numerous 90 day fiancé relationships are doomed to failure and age is often a contributing factor.

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With the many hardships that come with big age differences, as well as the scrutiny that reality celebrity brings, it’s no wonder that these kinds of romances often don’t stand the test of time. These are the actors whose age differences have caused big problems in their relationships.

Big Ed Brown & Rose Vega

Before the 90 Days-Toxic-Big Ed asks Rose to take an STD test

There was a lot that fans found unpleasant about Big Ed’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Rose, including the economic imbalance between the young woman and “white savior” Ed. However, it was. the couple’s significant age difference which really put viewers off, as Ed was 31 years older than Rose, 23. Although Big Ed likes to repeat the old cliché, “age is just a number,“He and Rose were at very different times in their lives. However, viewers were surprised to see that Rose turned out to be the most mature and confident in their relationship. Now that she’s single again, fans are hopeful that Rose will find someone more suitable for her age.

Juliana Custodio & Michael Jessen

Michael Juliana Season 7 2021 still together in 90 Day Fiance 4

Michael and Juliana recently announced their breakup, and there were some fans who weren’t exactly surprised. After all, the couple’s age difference was a strain on their marriage from day one. Michael is 20 years older and Juliana was very young when she and supposedly wealthy American Michael met, which led many viewers to think Juliana was a gold digger. The two had a good few years, but they decided to go their separate ways. Juliana has youthful energy and wants to pursue a modeling career and travel a lot, while Michael has already established a life in Connecticut, where he has dependent children. In the end, it was probably for the best that the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Mohamed & Danielle Jbali

Danielle Mullins Mohamed Jbali as 90 day fiancé

With 15 years apart, Danielle and Mohamed are not the most unsuitable couple at the age of 90 day fiancé franchise, but the age difference certainly didn’t help their relationship. As if being from two radically different cultures wasn’t difficult enough to deal with, Mohamed clearly wasn’t attracted to his older wife. He wanted to spend his time with people his age. Danielle and Mohamed’s relationship was definitely doomed from the start, and now that Danielle and Mohamed have divorced, they are free to seek out partners closer to their age.

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Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares

At 90 day fiancé Season 2, Jason and Cassia were a deeply incompatible couple, and that was due in large part to their age difference. The couple were 15 years apart and Cassia looked more like the cranky little sister or niece of Jason than her fiancé. The two surprisingly held on for many years, but after filing for divorce twice, Jason and Cassia broke up for good. Cassia needs someone who can match her youthful energy and Jason needs someone who wants to settle down and live a simple life, so their breakup was a wise move.

Lisa Hamme & Usman Umar

Lisa Hamme Usman Umar 90 Day Fiancé-

Viewers thought Lisa was foolish to pursue a relationship with a Nigerian musician who was 21 years her junior, and given the way things ended between them, these franchise fans were probably right. In just about every way possible, Lisa and Usman were a terrible match, and their age difference was a major source of frustration. Lisa was extremely jealous of other women because of her insecurity of being much older than Usman. It was clear that Lisa and Usman’s relationship was never going to work out, and in the end, it sure wasn’t.

Molly Hopkins & Luis Mendez

Molly Luis as 90 day fiancé

While Molly is undoubtedly a dynamic woman, there was a very noticeable age gap between the reality TV star and her ex-husband Luis. The couple met when Molly was on vacation, but in America their incompatibility was fully visible. Molly had two dependent daughters at home and Luis immediately proved he was not worthy of being a father figure to them. It was also clear that Luis was using Molly for a green card, which made him seem all the more immature. After season 5, Molly and Luis divorced. She has a new man.

Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

The age difference between Jonathan and Fernanda is only 13, but Fernanda was 19 when she came to America to be with Jonathan. It put her in a much different place in her life than Jonathan, 30 and something. It was no surprise that the couple often hit each other over the head, though at times it seemed like Jonathan was the least mature. Jonathan and Fernanda’s relationship was explosive and reportedly abusive. Now Fernanda has a new boyfriend who is closer to her in age.

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Jenny Slatten & Sumit Singh

sumit and jenny on 90 day fiance

Recently, Jenny celebrated her 63rd birthday, and it made her three-decade age gap with boyfriend Sumit even more dramatic. Their age difference has caused major friction with Sumit’s family, who can’t seem to understand why he would want to marry a woman so much older than himself. Viewers have asked the same question as Jenny and Sumit don’t seem to be in the same place in their lives. However, they gave up a lot to be together. The couple are still going strong as ever, although fans doubt they can last much longer.

The 90 day fiancé The franchise has featured many failed marriages and relationships, and with some of them, the main culprit is the large age gap between the partners. Although an age gap is not an insurmountable obstacle, a significant age difference is often the first step towards a split.

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