The LMC twins shine on camera – Experience

Ashley and Amber Roemer are sisters who have literally been together from the start. The twin sisters, who now attend Los Medanos College, are completing their second year and preparing to transfer. They have big dreams of becoming professional models.

The two girls might be shy, but they really shine on camera. It all started in 2019, when the Roemer sisters got interested in taking their own self-portraits to post on their personal Instagram accounts.

“We took inspiration from Pinterest and planned out outfits and poses that we saw and loved,” Amber recalls.

As their social media accounts gained traction, they realized that local photographers were often looking for models to work with. From there they started working with photographers and their passion for modeling skyrocketed.

“It was nice to be in front of the camera,” Ashley said.

They began to create a portfolio to show interested photographers their abilities. A model for a photographer is like a canvas for an artist, and it takes skill to adapt to a photographer’s vision. Women said they feel encouraged when photographers frame them and illustrate the vision they are trying to achieve.

“We love to get our final images back, we want to not only make them look good, but also feel good with them.”

– Ashley Roemer

Sometimes the shoots include makeup artists and other types of assistants who work with the models and the photographer. The two women agreed that their favorite photos are the ones in which the wardrobe and makeup are provided.

“The studio shoots are our favorite, they feel so professional,” the two sisters said.

They hope to increase the number of studio shoots over time. Every sister has a dream session if the opportunity arises.

“I would love to do something fairytale or cottage themed,” Amber said, while Ashley added that she would love to do a commercial shoot for a perfume company.

Modeling is also a way for sisters to connect with others – especially in an era when school and other social events have moved online.

“We grew up in Antioch, we never left,” Ashley said.

Modeling gives them the opportunity to meet other people they might never have met otherwise. They had previously gone to meet-and-greet sessions where groups of models and photographers met to work.

“Everyone is super nice, we all comment on each other’s posts and support each other,” Amber explained.

For both, modeling is how they express themselves without using words. They said they fear public speaking but like to be observers in conversations.

“Being in front of a camera or on stage is easier for us than talking,” Amber said, adding that they both appreciate the confidence that modeling gives them and love to share their photos on their Instagram accounts.

Often it takes photographers a week or more after taking a shot to send the final images, but sometimes they never receive images of the shot. It is, however, a risk that they said they wanted to take when booking the shoots.

Fortunately, the sisters never had a negative encounter during a shoot, only a few examples of missing images and non-professional photographers, so for the most part, modeling has always been a positive experience for the Roemer sisters.

“We love to get our final footage back,” Ashley said. “We not only want to look good to them, but also to feel good about themselves.”

They share their photos on their separate Instagram accounts, which have a total of nearly 3,500 followers. Women have big dreams of signing with a modeling agency in the future, but know how difficult the world of modeling is to enter.

Standing at just 5ft 2in and 5ft 3in, the Roemer sisters feel that runway modeling is probably not in their future. For now, they’re looking to try their hand at catalog modeling where height restrictions aren’t a big factor.

While modeling may be their dream, the Roemer sisters began to focus on choosing a major and thinking about what else they might do in the future. Amber is looking for “any job where I can help animals,” which has led her to seek a degree in marine biology, and Ashley has taken an interest in film and television.

As for their future in modeling?

“It will always be a hobby,” Ashley said. “I hope we can move forward.”

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