The integration will allow Livestream Body Cam Video dispatchers

Axon, the largest provider of body cameras for law enforcement in the United States, integrates with emergency data start-up RapidSOS.

The integration goes both ways, which means that:

  • Emergency responders will be able to use Axon software to access RapidSOS data such as the location of the 911 caller, and
  • Dispatchers will be able to use RapidSOS to access Axon data, including video streaming from Axon devices such as body cameras and on-board cameras.

“Many agencies already rely on Axon and RapidSOS to manage emergency response,” said Jeff Kunins, chief product officer and executive vice president of software at Axon in a commentary. Press release. “By allowing our solutions to work together seamlessly, we give first responders a single source for mission-critical information, as well as the ability to deliver cutting-edge tools for agencies to manage more securely and more efficiently. resources and thus respond faster than ever. ”

The partnership is in the wheelhouse of RapidSOS, whose business model involves integration with other suppliers to provide data from their devices and software to dispatchers and emergency responders. The idea is that by doing so, emergency responders can find the people they are trying to help more quickly and be better informed of the situation when they arrive.

The ability to access live streamed videos is somewhat new, however. Traditionally, law enforcement had to download video from their cameras by connecting them to physical hardware. Axon’s new software launched in August, called Axon Respond, opens the cameras for live streaming.

RapidSOS works with 4,800 emergency communications centers around the world, while Axon is the supplier of body cameras for most of the largest police departments in the United States

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