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June 11, 2021 – DENTON – When it comes to phone apps, there’s a saying – “There’s an app for that. However, Minkowan Goo, PhD, an associate professor in the teacher education department at Texas Woman’s University, found that wasn’t always the case.

Goo saw the need for a better resource for teachers to create video modeling, an evidence-based practice for teaching skills to students. His solution was a new app for iPhone and iPad called Playvimo.

Aimed at special education teachers to specifically model social and life skills, Goo says the app is ultimately a good resource for anyone who needs to teach a skill.

“Everyone has smartphones. Children, grandparents, everyone. Everyone has a skill. It’s a simple tool to help teach a skill, ”Goo said. “There is so much research showing that video is an effective intervention for children. Even I look for a video whenever I need to learn to work on my car or something, so it’s not just for students. We all learn from video.

PlayVimo invites a teacher in a step-by-step process to create a short video detailing a skill. Once the skill set is complete, a teacher can switch the app to student mode so the student can learn from the video.

“I want to help the teachers,” Goo said. “It’s a quick and easy way to create video modeling. “

Goo’s combination of expertise and interests uniquely prepared him to create PlayVimo, a title that combines the words “playing”, “video” and “modeling”. Goo started his career as a teacher and has always been interested in technology. His research interests focus on the use of technology in teaching students with disabilities.

Over 20 years ago, while teaching, Goo tried to embed html code for a demo he was teaching. Her supervising teacher at the time said it was too early to try this. It was too late for Goo. His interest in technology grew until he learned coding and programming on his own. It is in the process of learning a new coding language to make PlayVimo available to Android users in the future.

“The program of programmers and educators educate. I wanted to know both, ”Goo said. “My experience helps PlayVimo to be useful because I incorporated educational theories into programming. “

So now there is an app for that.

To learn more about PlayVimo, video modeling, and Goo’s 7 Cs strategy for teaching a skill, visit playvimo.com.

PlayVimo screenshots

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