Modeling career

Lori Harvey recalls body insecurities early in her modeling career

Lori Harvey talks about insecurities and negativity online. (Photo: Getty Images) Lori Harvey made her way into the spotlight at 20 after making her modeling debut for Dolce and Gabbana in 2017. In the five years since, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter has worked to blaze her own trail in Hollywood, as she built a resume and […]

Modeling career

Hunter McGrady reveals what changed the course of her modeling career and what she really thinks of the term ‘plus size’

At this time of year, it feels like there is endless talk about changing your life and losing weight. If you want to make a change, there is nothing wrong with it. What isn’t that great? Feeling that you have to have a certain appearance to be worthy. It is exactly this notion that Hunter […]

Local modeling

Local teens regain confidence and get support from Norton modeling team

High school presents unique challenges for most people. In addition to maintaining their grades, participating in extracurricular activities, and building a social life, many teens struggle with their mental health and self-image. For some local teens, this part of life also fuels and aggravates anxiety – another unwanted companion on their graduation journey. It was […]

Fashion model

Meet Sud RC | Fashion model by day, artist trap by night – Flaunt Magazine

What inspired your new single, “Camera 301”? In 2020, Italy experienced a very long lockdown, possibly longer than that of the United States. During the confinement, I was isolated from my friends and friends, as I lived alone in Milan, while they were in Naples. This long period of isolation motivated me to write and […]

Modeling course

Building Community Bridges Modeling Course Teaches Artistic and Practical Skills

Khiara Brown allows her background in the modeling industry to help others reach their full potential. Brown, 22, from Inglewood, Calif., Is the founder and CEO of Poise Search Fashion and Modeling Company, whose mission is to help women and men not only gain modeling experience and fashion, but also on self-confidence and awareness. Brown […]