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St. Louis high school student makes his mark in the modeling industry

Aaliyah Buford, 17, modeled for Lacoste’s SKIMS line and Kim Kardashian with Fendi. She graduated early to pursue opportunities in Los Angeles and New York. ST. LOUIS – From North St. Louis County to the Los Angeles fashion shows, 17-year-old Aaliyah Buford is making waves in the modeling world. “I try to be as fierce […]

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Arielle Van-Mballa Used Powerpoint To Boost Her Modeling Career

Source: (Photo by Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images) / (Photo by Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images) Last name: Arielle Van Mballa IG: @aririhz Agency: Managing Fenton models Claiming fame: Van-Mballa has been featured in Vogue Mexico and Paper Magazine. She also starred in a campaign for Cover FX and walked the runway for The Blonds […]

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“They tried to buy me”

Isabeli Fontana (From: clone / Instagram) to show Isabelle FontanaThe 38-year-old referred to the popular “Pink Book”, a pattern in which some models have agreed to do shows with entrepreneurs. This topic came up with the second season of Secret Facts. In an interview with UOL, she said she never succumbed to this in her […]

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Learning from differences: model and graduate of St Aloysius PUC, trans-woman Nayantara inspires Aloysians

Learning from Differences: Model and alumni of St Aloysius Junior College, Mangaluru Transwoman Nayantara inspires AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation) Aloysians with her inspirational story. Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no freedom without it! With starry eyes in her name, Nayantara came to learn that her feminine energy was […]

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Raelia Lewis turned a ‘traumatic experience’ into a solid modeling career

Hello beautiful featured video CLOSE Source: Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows / Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows Last name: Raelia lewis IG: @raelialewis Agency: Click on the models Philly / Yanii Models / Wilhelmina Chicago / Heffner Management Claim to fame: Lewis is […]

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EMG Mosel Yaris Mason launched her modeling career after college

Hello beautiful featured video CLOSE Source: Laura Lee Creative / Laura Lee Creative Name: Yaris Mason IG: @itspariswithay Agency: Models EMG Claim To Fame: Mason is one of the new faces of EMG models. Yaris Mason was so fascinated with modeling as a child that she learned the art of negotiation by begging to watch […]

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Lucas is thriving in a new modeling career | Wednesday’s wife

If Elizabethtown’s Jescanta Lucas had a tagline for her life story, she said it would read “Be your own kind of beauty.” It’s a simple sentiment, but one that sums up Lucas’ journey over the past two years through his new modeling career. At 42, Lucas decided it was time for a change in her […]

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5 essential tips that will make you an excellent model

Many people tend to view modeling as a career and as a passion. For many ignorant people, models are just skinny tall dolls walking on the ramp of fashion designers. This understanding minimizes so many things models have to do and sacrifice to be where they are. Becoming a model is not easy, given that […]