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SNC-Lavalin to provide flood modeling and mapping services in Texas

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. (TSX: SNC), a fully integrated professional services and project management firm with offices around the world, has been awarded a three-year contract worth up to US$10 million to help Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) develops and updates flood hazard maps to support implementation of the state’s premier flood plan. Under the contract, the company will produce statewide Basic Engineering Works (BLE), supporting flood hazard mapping and planning activities to improve hazard information flood and implement flood mitigation strategies.

“Floods are one of the most common and costly disasters facing communities today, threatening life and property,” said Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO of SNC-Lavalin. . “Our priority is to help reduce the vulnerability of communities to such natural disasters by providing climate adaptation tools, innovative solutions and guidance through flood resilience expertise.

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Contracted services include flood hazard modeling and mapping, support for TWDB state and federal grant programs, flood planning support and related activities. A significant portion of the work will focus on completing statewide coverage for BLE modeling and mapping, an approach that combines high-resolution ground elevation data and modeling technology to create engineering models capable of identifying areas prone to flooding. SNC-Lavalin will provide TWDB’s flood science and planning data to prepare and protect Texas residents from flood risk.

“We have served clients in Texas with floodplain mapping support for nearly 50 years and have seen risks change due to new building development, weather conditions, floodplain boundaries and other factors” , said George Nash, CEO of Atkins North America, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group. “We will continue to build on the large-scale flood resilience experience gained from running similar projects across the country to help communities across the state prepare for and respond to flood risks. “

SNC-Lavalin provides similar innovative services to federal, state and local agencies and municipalities in the United States and around the world.