Sewing week brings romance back to life

Jordan Dalah opens Australian Fashion Week with his ready-to-wear collection.Credit:Lucas dawson

Much like the company’s costume balls that were all the rage in Coco Chanel’s 1930s Paris, the collection was a romantic image of the past. A line can be drawn between two very “intense” periods of history and a common desire to escape with exquisite otherworldly fashion designed for parties that suspend reality.

This glorious thirst for excess in 19th-century high society doesn’t look like it will abate anytime soon, given our recent obsession with Netflix. Bridgerton.

The movement even has a name; Regencycore.

“It is a term given to reflect the appropriation of styles and silhouettes of the Regency era,” explains Karla Anne Clarke, stylist and co-founder of

More than just a craving for ruffled necklaces, bows and pearls, Regencycore represents a broader cultural shift in the way fashion serves society.

In Regency Britain, the introduction of the empire line was revolutionary for women who were suddenly free from the ‘heavily boned structured bodice and heavy skirts, and the start, some say, of a more practical approach to the outfit. female clothing ”.


While the fashion seen at Couture Fashion Week may not cry out for practicality, it is about freedom. A moment of relaxation after a universal experience of physical and emotional compression. The clothes were colorful, fun and dripping with optimism.

“There’s a certain decadence that people crave and haven’t seen for 18 months,” says Clarke. “Handcrafted quality that cannot be matched by black leggings and oversized sweatshirts. “

On a local scene, Jordan Dalah turned Australian fashion week upside down with his own collection of couture, otherworldly ready-to-wear. A radical departure from the very easy-to-wear pieces usually featured, Jordan showcased 43 looks that suspended belief with gravity-defying hems and sky-high bouffants.

“Yes, I referred to historical clothing fashions, but my clothes are not costumes… they are clothes made to be worn,” says Dalah.

“Fashion is generally quite fast. If you have the space to show off, you can’t lose that momentum. But Covid meant the sense of the deadline wasn’t there, and that really allowed designers like me who aren’t huge to be able to gauge which images we should post.

Rather than reflecting the apocalyptic reality of the pandemic, Jordan provided a vision. “It was about giving people beautiful pictures to inspire them and show that creativity is still alive,” says Dalah.

Beyond fashion, Regencycore permeates the lifestyle market. Dinner hosts are looking for a long-forgotten etiquette code, with ordered floral centerpieces, hand-drawn place cards (by calligrapher Sam Pauletto no less) and tiered cakes previously reserved for weddings .

If you’re looking for an edible embodiment of Regencycore, Stacy Brewer’s ‘Fuck Covid’ Cakes are it. A color palette of pastel blue and dusty pink, layers of vanilla sponge and buttercream frosting topped with ruffles and topped with iced cherries.


Rumor has it that The Duke of Hastings is returning for a second season, so until then, let’s have some cake.

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