SCAD Fashion 2021 presents a multimedia film, chat with Diane von Furstenberg

It is the season of SCAD fashion shows and with it a unique opportunity for locals to participate and watch the SCAD fashion experience. Reinventing a fashion show for a new virtual era was a challenge that SCAD students were ready to take on.

The show, which will feature the best student collections, will make its world debut during the showcase. This year, models will be immersed in digital worlds created by students and graduates in motion media design, film and television, as well as sound design.

The film, which is directed by Jess Farran and titled “The Awakening,” was created with the help of 200 of his friends at SCAD and will be released to the general public on May 14 at 1 pm.

“It has been impressive to see what the students come up with, no matter what situation we find ourselves in,” said Michael Fink, Dean of the SCAD School of Fashion. process, not to have access to machines that (students) would normally have. Even the materials have been difficult to find and buy during the pandemic. Seeing pure ingenuity at work has been so inspiring to me.

This year, models will be immersed in digital worlds created by students and graduates in motion media design, film and television, as well as sound design.

“I didn’t know what to expect after a year of lockouts. For a while I thought that maybe this show and the student’s collection wouldn’t be as interesting as years gone by. I think we all try to do this the year before, but I can assure you and report to you with absolute certainty that the level of thinking, reacting and communicating a specific message is so much more amplified than the year last. “

The innovative digital event showcases the best designs of college graduates in 2021 and redefines the fashion show not only for a new virtual era, but also for the era of inclusion.

“The students know how everything had to be redesigned. I think that just makes them more agile in the way the industry works and moving forward into the virtual age, ”said Fink.

“The times we face have also created an awareness and a sense of social responsibility that is palpable throughout the student body of work. These problems become urgent problems and the urgency is not egocentric, and many students tackle the problem. issue of diversity, sustainability and inclusion. A student discusses the question of modern agriculture. So many social and cultural issues are discussed during the showcase. “

SCAD Fashion's multimedia fashion experience will feature this design by SCAD Senior Nzingha Helwig and premieres at 1 p.m. on May 14.

Sustainable fashion is a movement and a process that will be highlighted in this year’s collection. The act of fostering product change and bringing the fashion system towards ecological integrity and social justice will be represented by many students.

“Upcycling, sustainability and solutions to materials put so much more emphasis that after researching they found that other materials would be more ethical to use,” said Fink. “I found it interesting that the designers at the Savannah and Atlanta campuses weren’t interested. the usual novelty pieces we’ve seen from fashion designers and previous graduates. There is no emphasis on exaggerated fantasy. Without concentration, I found it so interesting to see where the psyche is and their intentions expressed so clearly.

Students in many ways have been very affected during COVID-19 and Nzingha Helwig, who is one of the designers who will be featured at this year’s SCAD fashion showcase, shared what it was for her.

“It has been a whirlwind. I just continued to trust all the lessons I had learned at SCAD before the lockdown and to rely on the community I had already built, “she said.” I was grateful to ‘have such a solid foundation, but now I feel like I’m more of a well-rounded artist. All of the introductory computer lessons, drawing lessons and more helped me create independently, proving that the foundation was solid. My collection for this year’s show is titled “Beautiful Invasion” (and is) inspired (by) how plants can invade and overtake their environment; not concerned with the parasitic concept but adaptability and growth and regain all the beauty, firmness and dignity of the structure. It is a love letter to all the things that fascinated me as a child.

The multimedia fashion experience was created and conceptualized by over 200 SCAD students and alumni and will be streamed to the general public on May 14 at 1 p.m.  This design was created by SCAD graduate student Xiaoxiao Dong.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in our lives, and it has also changed the way we dress. As an emerging fashion designer, Helwig knows full well who she is a designer.

“I now know that I am a knitwear designer. I know that the pieces that I want to create are pieces that people want to touch and feel. I want tactility in my design, ”she said.

“My love of fiber, of manipulations, of techniques, is what led me to conceive. Especially during COVID, we’ve been taught how special touch is and how important it is to us once it’s taken away. challenged me to create a very tactile feel and art form, and translate it digitally, so that people can still experience this sense of touch through a computer screen. I want people to look at it and imagine how they feel or want to touch it. I really want to engage the touch as soon as the audience sees the plays. “

In addition to the collections showcase and film premiere, SCAD FASHION 2021 features a conversation with legendary designer, author and philanthropist Diane von Furstenberg, who will join SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace for a live webcast on creativity.

The event, free and open to the public upon registration, can be found at

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