Saweetie turns a couch into the perfect model in these 5 pics –

west coast rapper Saweetie doesn’t need runways or red carpets to make fashion statements. The hip-hop star is taking quarantine goals to the next level with her latest bar of new photos.


The hip-hop heavyweight goes to it Instagram page with a touch of flex must see. Here are five snapshots of Saweetie living her best life on a super comfy sofa.

These are some random but much-loved new photos courtesy of Saweetie. Who could complain about turning a sofa into the best modeling opportunity?

Does it just get more comfortable or add a touch of yoga to the sofa? Or maybe channel her inner Catwoman?

Of course, Saweetie wouldn’t show off her heel game on that comfy couch. Hitmaker “Icy” still kills from head to toe, but those punches keep her toework breathing.

Is it us or the power just went out? Or are we SOHH blown away by Saweetie, time flies and it’s already dark?

No matter how deep the sun has set, there’s no hiding that glow. Saweetie shines with beauty through the dark and on her couch.

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