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Once modeling as a career comes to mind, all we think about is fame, money, and name in the market. However, there are some souls who look beyond these materialistic or rather superficial gains through this choice of career. One of these names is that of a young man from Agra called Sadik Farooqui. He grew up in Agra in a family of usual jobs and jobs, however, he always wanted to do something different that his family members and others can be proud of.

With good brainstorming he figured he could choose modeling as a career and continued to make everyone proud. Since he enjoys meeting people and has a knack for connecting with them instantly, he thought that modeling might be the best for him which prompted him to try his luck in this field. It is a great learning experience which is perhaps the main reason for joining this field. This would follow a career as an actor because he finds it offers a powerful way for the world to realize the values ​​that have been forgotten. In addition, he enjoys the lifestyle that modeling gives to people who pursue this career.

He feels he has the gift of expressing and posing that could make things work and thus feel that he knows when and where to give that expression. He goes to great lengths to make a career in this field and even sacrificed a few things, which may not be necessary in other fields. He has been engaged in modeling since 2019 and has had a few dietary opportunities that would sooner or later give good recognition to his modeling career. He has just moved to Gurgaon which will add wings to his modeling career being the metropolitan area, allowing him to take advantage of several opportunities.

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