Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro review

The installation process was very easy. The installation itself took about 45 minutes and consisted of turning off the power to the light, unscrewing the old spotlight from the electrical box, disconnecting the power wires from the old light, and wiring and mounting the new Ring projector.

Ring makes the process as easy as possible by including a variety of different sized screws for the electrical box (other models include a single set of screws that might not fit the holes in your electrical box) along with printed instructions. and instructions. app instructions with animated GIFs to show you each step.

The installation process was just as simple and straightforward. Since I already own Ring cameras and have a Ring account, the app remembered my WiFi password and quickly connected the projector to my network.

The projector itself also played audio messages to alert me of its progress, saying things like “Now connected to the Ring app” and “Connecting to WiFi, just a moment.”

If you choose to use the camera’s new 3D motion detection, the setup process allows you to identify the camera’s location and the direction it is facing on a satellite map of your home. You should also tilt the camera between 45 and 60 degrees from the wall and enter its approximate height from the floor.

Of course, you might not be comfortable giving Ring such detailed information about your home. When I reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, which first had this feature, Ring told me that it would not share this information with law enforcement unless it was ” obliged to comply with a valid and binding legal request ”. The feature is optional.

Once configured, 3D motion detection uses a radar sensor and the camera’s location to indicate where a person is in three-dimensional space in front of the camera, allowing motion detection that is supposed to be more accurate than a ordinary motion sensor. For more information, see our “Free smart features” section below.

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