Ring Announces New Line of Car Security Cameras

Ring has announced its first foray into products intended for use outside the home with a new line of security cameras designed for cars. The new Car Cam, Car Alarm and Car Connect systems fit into the same Ring app that supports home security alarm, video doorbells, and company security cameras, and provides owners with live alerts. case of attempted break-in. The new products should be available from next year.

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff explains that the reason for expanding into the automotive market is the response to customers who have asked for ways to secure their vehicles the same way they do at home with Ring products.

The $ 59.99 car alarm is the simplest of devices – it plugs into your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port and sends alerts to your phone when it detects a break-in someone is trying to tow the vehicle or if another vehicle hits your car. The car alarm has a built-in siren that can be triggered remotely, and it can be linked with other Ring or Alexa devices to sound alerts when an event is detected.

For connectivity, Car Alarm uses its parent company Amazon’s new Sidewalk network, which was announced last year and is starting to see real products and developments on it now. Amazon says Sidewalk will official launch later this year.

Images from the Ring Car Cam can be viewed in the Ring mobile app.
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The $ 199.99 Car Cam is Ring’s first outside-of-home camera and has the ability to record both inside and outside the car. When mounted on a car’s dashboard, the Car Cam has one camera pointed at the front windshield and another that points towards the interior of the car. Like the car alarm, the car camera can send alerts whenever an event such as a burglary, tow, or accident is detected, and owners can access camera feeds to see what is happening. . The Car Cam relies on Wi-Fi or LTE for connectivity.

In addition, the Car Cam has the ability to automatically ping first responders in the event of a “serious crash”. Another feature called “Stop Traffic” allows homeowners to say “Alexa, I’m intercepted” to trigger the cameras to start recording and saving their footage to the cloud. Finally, Ring says there are built-in privacy features, such as a physical camera shutter and the ability to electronically disable indoor video and audio recording.

Since so many cars already have built-in cameras – in fact, backup cameras have been mandatory on all new cars in the US since 2018 – Ring developed the Car Connect platform to integrate these existing cameras into its system. . The platform is a set of APIs for automakers that allow owners to receive event alerts, view recorded images, and see if the car is locked or unlocked.

Ring Car Connect for Tesla
Image: Ring

Ring says he’s working with many automakers to strengthen support for the system, but the first partnership he’s announcing is with Tesla. Owners of Models 3, X, S, and Y who have Sentry Mode enabled will be able to install a device in their cars that will allow them to connect to the car’s existing cameras and view footage.

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