Representative Gallagher and Sheriffs Discuss Local Effects of Border Crisis

OCONTO, Wisconsin (WBAY) – Several local law enforcement agencies say there is a drug problem in our community, and Mexican drug cartels are taking advantage of it, after a suspected cartel member has was arrested for murder in Oconto County.

US Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay) has met with sheriffs in the area, saying an unsecured southern border is to blame for drug issues.

Gallagher and the sheriff spoke to the Oconto County Sheriff’s Office on Friday. It is the sheriff’s agency that is investigating Manuel Antonio Herrera-Hernandez. As we previously reported, he is suspected of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel and charged with shooting another drug dealer in Little Suamico in February.

Brown County prosecutors also filed charges against Herrera-Hernandez related to a drug operation in Green Bay.

“At the end of the day on our side this is a federal issue and we are spending local tax money that could be used in so many different ways in our community here,” said the County Sheriff. ‘Oconto, Todd Skarban.

“Perhaps the easiest thing we can do as Wisconsinites, whether you are an elected official, a law enforcement professional, or just a concerned parent, is to support law enforcement.” , said Representative Gallagher.

Sheriffs have stressed the importance for the federal government to have control over the border and border crossings. On Action 2 News at 10, we’ll look at the Biden administration’s plans to reopen the southern border and a response from Latino groups.

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