Reality TV stars who have returned to work

Being on a reality TV show can mean a passport to fame, wealth, and a luxurious lifestyle.

Take a look at Molly Mae Hague who used Love Island as a platform to launch her fashion career. Recently, she signed a huge seven-figure contract for PrettyLittleThing.

Some people end up working again, like Georgia Townend, who returned to her job at Lidl this week.

After entering Love Island halfway, the blonde was kicked out of the villa two days later.

Now she’s back to work as a marketing manager for the budget supermarket, joking: “Yes I work for @lidlgb and yes that’s probably a factor as to why my time in the villa has been so short.

“Throughout my career I have been taught that checkouts have to be as fast as possible. “

Daily Star took a look at other reality stars who have returned to their day jobs.

Greg O’Shea

Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill won Love Island in 2019

The Irish rugby player won Love Island in 2019 with Geordie Amber Gill and amassed a million Instagram followers, but found he didn’t like the showbiz lifestyle.

Instead, he chose to focus on sports and competed in the Tokyo Olympics with the Irish rugby sevens team, narrowly missing a place in the quarter-finals.

Greg, 26, said: “It’s common knowledge that you don’t get paid much in seven.

“I could have easily taken the celebrity route, moved to London and made my hundreds of thousands like everyone else does. I was like, ‘No I’m coming home.’

“I couldn’t sit in London on my big horse and watch the boys train and maybe make it to the Olympics. It’s the pinnacle of the sport and we did it.

Anna vakili

Anna vakili
Anna Vakili has decided to return to her former job as a pharmacist during the pandemic

Anna starred on Love Island in 2019, where her romance with Jordan Hames ended abruptly after he tried it out with India Reynolds.

She became a social media influencer after the show, but the pandemic struck and she decided to return to her old job as a pharmacist.

She had previously spoken about prejudice at work because of her looks, but took advantage of her new platform and spoke out.

Anna, 31, urged Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to support the ‘heroes of the pharmacy’ with more financial support and more PPE.

Theo Campbell

Theo Campbell
Theo Campbell caused trouble at the Love Island villa in 2017

The 400m runner caused trouble at the Love Island villa in 2017 when he stole Tyler Carr from an enraged Johnny Mitchell.

Theo, now 30, was injured and then resumed racing after being blinded in his right eye by a champagne cork accident.

He revealed that the show rekindled his love for the sport, saying, “It wasn’t until after living the high life for a while that I realized I had taken five or six years off. work in that… what’s the point of giving up? “

Andy Abraham

Andy Abraham
X Factor’s Singing Binman was Shayne Ward’s finalist in 2005

X Factor’s Singing Binman was Shayne Ward’s finalist in 2005 and went on to land a recording deal, sold the Royal Albert Hall and represented the UK at Eurovision Song Contest.

Andy was then removed from his label, declared bankrupt and sold the Royal Albert Hall.

He performed in panto and worked as an event artist until last year. Then the Covid struck.

Andy, 57, said: “I literally sing in there like I was during the X Factor show. I became the official singer binman again, which is pretty cool. “

Ray quinn

Ray quinn
Ray Quinn joins the family business and becomes an upholsterer alongside the brothers Robin and Darren

After finishing second on the X Factor to winner Leona Lewis in 2006, Ray won ITV’s Dancing On Ice in 2009.

He was later cast for Hollyoaks and became a regular on the scene.

He was another victim of the pandemic. His job dried up last year, and he took a job as a Hermès delivery driver. However, he quit after three months because he found it too overwhelming.

Ray, 33, joined the family business to become an upholsterer with Robin and Darren.

He said, “It’s good to have another trade under your belt, especially during these times. “

Dr Alex George

Dr Alex George resumed his old job after Love Island
Dr Alex George resumed his old job after Love Island

Dr Alex performed on Love Island in 2018 and went on to gain 1.3 million Instagram followers and spread medical knowledge on Good Morning Britain.

But five months after leaving the villa, he returned to his job at A&E.

He said: “Love Island has been the experience of a lifetime, but since leaving the villa I really miss working for the NHS.

“I have trained for years for the opportunity to help people, and I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love.”

The 30-year-old is now combining his frontline work with his role as a government ambassador for youth mental health.

Rachel Fenton

Rachel Fenton, Love Island Nurse
Rachel Fenton chose to turn her back on fame and return to normal life as an orthopedic nurse

Rachel, 29, was on Love Island in 2016, but chose to turn her back on fame and return to normal life as an orthopedic nurse.

She said: “I have no regrets and will always be happy with the way I acted there.

“I love my job. It was nice to go back after the show. People always ask me about my stay in the villa and I will always be happy to talk about it.

“But I’m proud to have a career in nursing as well. It’s much more important to me. We help people and save lives.

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Chloé-Jasmine focuses on her modeling career

X Factor’s Chloe – best remembered for dating her co-worker Stevi Ritchie – had previously appeared on model show The Face, where she was mentored by Naomi Campbell.

She was on the singing program in 2014, but was taken off the show in week two.

Chloe was paired with Stevi in ​​Celebrity Big Brother 2015, but the couple broke up in 2016.

The 31-year-old is back in modeling and walked the runway for designers like Vivienne Westwood.

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