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Too Hot To Handle’s Stevan Ditter may be famous for starring in Season 3, but he’s had a thriving bicoastal modeling career for nearly a decade.

Stevan Ditter made his mark Too hot to handle, but he was nibbling away at a successful modeling career long before that. Everyone on the show undoubtedly showed up and showed up. The show is clearly aiming to bring together some of the most attractive youngsters in entertainment, and Stevan is another cast member who was looking to capitalize on his good looks. However, that didn’t mean his on-screen chemistry with the other cast members was sizzling at all times.

Unfortunately, he spent most of Too hot to handle alone, and Steven ended up leaving the THTH individual house. Early on, he made an effort to get to know Georgia Hassarati, just like most male actors. Things looked hopeful for Georgia and Stevan after she fell in love with his tattoos and bad boy vibes. However, when Stevan publicly declared her affection for Georgia, she got cold feet. She repeated several times that she was uncomfortable with something serious. Anyway, by the end of the series, she and Stevan had had a wonderful heart-to-heart where she admitted she should have communicated more proactively. Steven may not have left with a lover, but he returned home with a newfound appreciation for his super hot island family.


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While he may not have won over popular influencer Georgia from THTHStevan has since resumed his modeling work, and he is represented by the Verge Agency. He has an impressive portfolio with the agency and many high profile clients. Stevan has also modeled for ASOS and done exclusive shoots for Vanity Teen. Stevan has separate portfolios with Wilhemina Models NY, Miami, Los Angeles and London. Since his debut in 2013, Stevan has landed plenty of gigs and he’s now been a model for nearly a decade.

More recently, Stevan worked as a model for the noise of novelty clothing brand, and he is concentrating on his new job as a disc jockey. Stevan hasn’t mentioned any new love interests to the Too hot to handle meeting, so he has to focus on work right now. As models age, some find it difficult to get as much work as before. With this in mind, Stevan can choose to broaden his horizons by exploring other passions. Last week, Stevan posted under his disc jockey Instagram account, @YattyDatty, “my new trap & bass mix is ​​officially finished! when should i submit?”

Although Stevan hasn’t found love in the Turks and Caicos Islands, he certainly gets a lot of direct messages, thanks to his stunning modeling photos and budding music career. Its new Too hot to handle fans are probably watching and waiting to see what he comes up with next.

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Source: Steve Ditter (@YattyDatty)/Instagram

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