Permian Basin Predator Patrol shares information with law enforcement agencies to help catch potential violators

This group was founded in May 2021 on Facebook and YouTube.

ECTOR COUNTY, Texas – A local social media group has taken off. They call their outings “predator captures”. It’s actually three West Texans on a mission to expose people they say are Permian predators.

A wife from Odessa, her husband and her brother-in-law have taken social media by storm in recent weeks. Their videos only show the people they are confronted with, they never show up, so we decided not to show them either.

“You never know who you are talking to behind a phone screen or a computer screen,” Permian Basin Predator Patrol video editor said.

It was this theory that helped them come up with the idea of ​​exposing people they think were wrongdoers.

“There have been some that we’ve been about to catch, but then they ghost us and we plan to catch as many as possible until, hopefully, by some unknown miracle, they decide.” hey, let’s never talk to a 15-no one-year-old, “the video editor said.” We want them to leave in the vehicle to show that no harm has come to them and that no harm has come. came to us. And we make sure they leave peacefully, and also that if anyone else was watching us and overhearing the conversation, didn’t interfere with wanting to get physical or anything with them. “

Law enforcement, like the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, is working with other agencies to investigate and make sure everyone stays safe.

“These people are facing them, so the danger is that if these people have a gun, they assault, it could go so bad so fast,” said Shirley Hardee, public information officer for the Ector County Sheriff’s Office. .

MPs say they’ve never seen a band like this in West Texas before, but they’re following closely.

“Civilians are not equipped to have the knowledge that we do as police officers and how to approach the situation, and we are doing it with the legality of what we can and cannot do,” Hardee said.

So far, the group says it has shared all the information it has learned about these predators with law enforcement.

Only time will tell if these predators will end up in more serious problems.

Since its inception, the Permian Basin Predator Patrol has posted videos of 5 people wanting to meet miners.

None of the people in these videos have been convicted.

For now, the group say they carry pepper spray with them, but some volunteers in the group have guns and are allowed to carry them.

Another thing to note, one of the men exposed by this group was wearing an Ector County Assessment District shirt when he was caught.

After calling the district this afternoon, NewsWest 9 learned that this man was no longer an employee with them.

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