Fashion model

Pack elegance and beauty into one – enter model and content creator Stefanie Gurzanski. – The UBJ – United Business Journal

Her striking beauty and dedication to inspiring greatness on social media as an influencer has brought her to the forefront of the industry.

For years, we have noticed the rise of a few industries and sectors, especially with women taking the industry by storm and rising above it with their innate skills and talents. Doing the same in an industry as competitive as the fashion industry has never been a walk in the park for anyone. Many naysayers arise, especially when women decide to establish themselves firmly in their chosen niches. However, what is success without these obstacles in life? asks Stefanie Gurzanski, a breathtakingly beautiful young Canadian model who has now made her mark in the fashion world.

“My feminine beauty helped me take my first steps into modeling, but things only took off from there. I knew where I was going, and even after realizing the obstacles I might be confronted, I continued to walk for my passion for modeling, travel and culture.Adding further, she says, “There have been too many haters so far, but I don’t care about the opinion people have of me, because I believe in only doing what I think is right for me. Every time I fell, I got up with more power, confidence and grace. who made me who I am today.

Stefanie Gurzanski thinks her personal style, her ability to try new looks and styles as a model has allowed her to make progress in her career, even as a social media influencer, earning love and adulation fans and followers. On the same subject, she quotes: “Put together killer looks for events has always been my favorite, and on other days I like a street style or a skater look, which goes perfectly with my vibe. , I believe. Asking about her favorite product, the bombshell quickly responds, saying, “That must be my lip liner. I absolutely love that my lips pop, even if it’s a nude,” she mentions.

It is her passion, determination and hard work that has allowed her to create the success she enjoys in her career, not only as a model, appearing on covers like Elle and Vogue Czech, but also as a influential and contained. creator on social networks with already 1.8 million subscribers.

Learn more about this beauty via Instagram @stefaniegurzanski.