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Novadiscovery Announces Nature Communications Paper on Modeling Respiratory Clinical Trial Disruption Due to COVID-19 Mitigation Measures


Novadiscovery announces Nature Communication article on modeling the disruption of respiratory clinical trials due to attenuationson measures against COVID-19[feminine]

The model uses virtual populations and in silico trials to show impact on clinical trials and suggest adaptations to trial design

Lyon, France- 13 April 2022: Novadiscovery (NOVA), a leading health technology company using silicone clinical trials to predict drug efficacy and optimize clinical trial development, today announces the publication of a novel model of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in Nature Communication to address uncertainties arising from non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) against COVID-19 on clinical trials. The article was published in collaboration with NOVA’s partner, OM Pharma.

François-Henri Boissel, CEO, NOVA said“The pandemic and all related measures such as lockdowns have severely affected clinical trials across all indications, but the impact of reduced viral transmission and the resulting seasonal disruption of disease patterns on respiratory trials was particularly marked.Our model provides vital information on whether trials will still meet their endpoints, how to interpret clinical relevance, and potential adaptations to statistical analyzes and trial design – such as the number of recruitments – to maximize success and avoid delays in obtaining new treatments for patients.

NOVA’s modeling approach is rooted in systems biology and quantitative systems pharmacology. The document describes how the model was used to run silicone simulations of clinical trials with OM-85 from OM Pharma as prophylaxis of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in virtual populations and in various scenarios for reducing viral transmissions due to NPIs.

The results led the authors of the article to argue for reporting variable measures of benefit, using an adaptive trial design, and tailored statistical analyses. The authors also cautioned that criteria for patient eligibility for trials will need to be reassessed as disease burden has been impacted by pandemic measures.

The complete paper “Modeling the disruption of respiratory disease clinical trials by non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 interventions”, can be found here.


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