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Model records Asian woman searching her pockets, accusing her of stealing from beauty supply store

People are now extending the nickname “Karen” to an Asian woman who was seen on video racially profiling a model inside a beauty supply store.

Megan Milan said she was shopping at a beauty store called Remy’s in Santee Alley in Los Angeles when an Asian cashier accosted her and began rummaging through her purse and coat pockets, l accused of theft, reports the International Business Times.

Milan said she was the only black person inside the store.

Milan posted the incident with the woman on their Instagram page, and the woman has since been dubbed “Asian Karen.”

“You guys, I was in this store looking, and this lady just checked my pockets,” Milan said in the video.

“I was going to spend some money with her, but she decided to racially profile me,” Milan said as the cashier investigated her pockets, then walked away.

“Only black person in the store, and you decided to check my pockets. I’m the only black person. And you dug your hands in my pockets,” Milan said, facing the cashier.

In an attempt to justify her actions, the woman replied “I’m Asian too” after racially profiling in Milan. But then she completely dismissed Milan saying: “I’m sorry. I don’t care. I really don’t care.”

Video of the incident caused a storm of public criticism.

Once the video went viral, people left a deluge of negative reviews on Yelp and Google.

“Owner said ‘I’m Asian too’ after discriminating against the only black woman in the store as if that was an excuse or justification. Don’t spend your hard earned money here. Disgusting behavior and I hope she realizes what she did was wrong and illegal,” one person wrote on Yelp.

“The store owner is RACIST. An Asian woman who illegally searched a customer’s pockets and belongings with no other probable cause that she was black and the only black person in the store. Complete violation and zero remorse after claiming she’s a minority as well,” another person posted.

Scathing reviews on Remy’s business page knocked its rating down to one star, temporarily causing Yelp to disable the comments section on Hi Fashion’s page.

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