Model behind ‘Hands Off My Hijab’ post appointed editor of ‘Vogue Scandinavia’

Rawdah Mohamed, a Somali-Norwegian model who coined the hashtag #handsoffmyhijab earlier this year, has been named fashion editor of the upcoming Vogue Scandinavia.

The model broke the news on social media, saying she was proud of her new role.

“I hope to be a cultural force with a lot of learning, growing and meeting the challenges that come with it,” said the model.

Vogue Scandinavia, the 28th global edition of Vogue, will launch in August 2021, with the aim of preserving the fashion, beauty and culture of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Mohamed’s new role will make her the first person of color to wear the hijab to run the fashion magazine in the West.

Known for her eclectic and colorful style, Mohamed is often seen mixing streetwear and haute couture, and has collaborated with several major fashion brands in the past.

Lately, she has also developed a reputation for her activism. In April 2021, she shared a photo of herself with the words ‘drop my hijab’ with her more than 133,000 Instagram followers, which went viral, sparking international outcry and trending on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

The purpose of the hashtag was to protest against France’s proposed ban on minors wearing the hijab in public.

“I firmly believe that the only antidote to hate crimes is activism. Many governments have already been on the wrong side of liberation and equality. It’s our duty as a people [to] stand up and fight for everyone’s rights, ”she said.

She also recalled incidents of bullying at school, with teachers suggesting she stop wearing her hijab as a remedy and being rejected for a job because of her hijab.

“I have lost count of the many times I have been rejected for a job because of my hijab and not because of my lack of skills. The many times French customers share their concerns about booking someone who looks like me while making sure they are [supportive] of me.

The campaign struck a chord with people around the world sharing the hashtag in solidarity with Muslim women. To date, the hashtag has been used over 5,000 times on Instagram, while its French version #pastoucheamonhijab has been posted over 1,000 times on the social media platform.

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