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Model apologizes for pretending to be a doctor

A local model who has been posing as a doctor for several years has issued an apology while saying that deep down he still believes he is a doctor.

The young man who identified himself as Dr Mikhail McKlennon today issued an apology on social media after the Guyana Cancer Foundation issued a warning about him. According to reports, he has presented himself as a doctor for several years.

He reportedly started volunteering at the Cancer Foundation a few weeks ago, but the Foundation’s CEO grew suspicious after he was unable to provide his qualifying documents and a number of people confirmed that he was not a doctor and had no medical training as a doctor.

A check at the Medical Council of Guyana also revealed that there is no one with his name registered as a doctor in the country. The University of Texila which he claims to have attended also distanced itself from him, stating that he was never a student at the university.

The Cancer Foundation in its statement said the young man was not a doctor and people should be warned.

After the statement hit social media, a number of other people in the medical field said there were a number of red flags about the young man and that he had come forward once at a hospital in Berbice as a doctor and had worked there for a time before quitting as questions about his qualifications surfaced.

The youngster in his apology said he was passionate about being a doctor while admitting he now believed he had taken that passion too far by presenting himself as a doctor.

News Source understands the Department of Health is investigating the matter.