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Meet the 4’11 “petite model Marissa Rose

Marissa Rose is a young rising model in the industry who strives to be an inspiration to other petite models who find themselves suffocated by the barriers of the industry. Marissa was the first 4’11 “model to parade the main catwalks due to a fiery and uncommon passion that has also spawned her across 11 Fashion Week seasons to date, soon to be 12. Testimonial From experience, 5 of these appearances were at New York Fashion Week, twice in Paris, two more times during Miami Swim Week, and once in London and LA Fashion Week. a petite model in today’s fashion environment, Marissa continues to be successful and strives to do so in an effort to help standardize other models in the same shoes as her.

She wants to inspire others to do the same and live their dreams, just as she lives hers. Her growing audience on TikTok of over 39,000 subscribers also shows their love, support and appreciation for Marissa who shares her experiences in the fashion and modeling industries. Her TikTok content also includes modeling tips, and even just the things that can happen every day for someone like Marissa! There are even opportunities to take modeling lessons with her one-on-one!

Someday Marissa aims to have her own modeling agency where everyone is accepted, included and pushed to deliver the best on the runway and beyond. The motivation to make your dreams and desires come true is a great thing that Marissa wants to inspire in those around her, and make sure that there is a revolution coming in the fashion industry with minds like that of Marissa. In an interview with Sheen Magazine after being dazzling at Paris Fashion Week, Marissa said she “plans to bring a new era of models to the industry because we are as powerful as 5’8”. Which is a pretty powerful statement in itself, and a testament to how much Marissa has dealt with as a little freelance writer in the industry, and that she really has the drive to thrive and be successful, with her many appearances already being a testament to her. so that.

Beyond modeling, Marissa was also a former Division 1 athlete who managed to juggle this rigorous schedule in addition to making her way into the fashion world. Marissa also sings, attends fashion school at FIDM and is also back to acting. Marissa has a healthy mind to understand her business and her brand, so we are happy to see where she will be in the next few years. There’s a lot to be expected from someone who aims to steal the show so that they can show others how to steal it too, especially with this spotlight that is so often taken away from shorter models. Marissa’s positive mindset, outlook, drive and attitude launched her career.

You can follow Marissa Rose’s life on Instagram and TikTok @marissa_rose_a on both platforms. If you’re looking for inspiration and insight into the fashion and modeling industry, follow Marissa Rose. She will continue to change the fashion industry for the better and spread her positivity in all future endeavors.