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Meet Sud RC | Fashion model by day, artist trap by night – Flaunt Magazine

What inspired your new single, “Camera 301”?

In 2020, Italy experienced a very long lockdown, possibly longer than that of the United States. During the confinement, I was isolated from my friends and friends, as I lived alone in Milan, while they were in Naples. This long period of isolation motivated me to write and create many of my songs in my home studio. When I wrote “CAMERA 301” I was in a very lonely mental state and the lyrics reflect this time spent alone. The beat is dark and the lyrics are melancholy, which describes the sad vibes during this period of lockdown. The past year has been a time of transition for me to reflect on who I am and who I want to become. The song is about a guy who spends his time alone as he longs to be with the woman he wants to spend the night with in a hotel room numbered 301.

“Business” is about your life as a role model and your relationships. What was it like to record that one?

Creating “Business” was a lot of fun. It was one of my first songs that I wrote and randomly uploaded to my social media. He was recognized by one of the greatest rappers of the Italian rap scene, Samurai Jay. He showed me some love by reposting the song. He then extended his hand to me. We went into the studio, remixed the song and made it so much better. This song has a special place in my heart because it was the first song that went viral and that a lot of people really liked. It was nice.

3 things you need in the studio all the time?

  1. No bad vibes. I don’t like people who are in the studio with me with negative energy or negative attitudes.

  2. I need my Red Bull, which gives me energy. I’m in the studio for hours, so Red Bull keeps me going.

  3. And I need a good music producer who understands me and my sound. There are a lot of producers who make music, but they don’t understand the real artist. If you don’t have a producer that reflects your sound, that won’t work. You need a producer who can vibrate with your mood and your personality.

What can we expect from your next EP, which will be released in September?

Creating this EP was a big step for me because I have always released music single by single. I have 2 large Italian producers attached to this project; Tom Trigger and Saint Cardona. With each song presented, I hope my fans can see and understand me more. I don’t make music as a hobby, but the goal is to make it my new career path. I want to be taken seriously as an international rapper, so hopefully this EP will do just that.

How often do you record or not?

I am in the studio every day. Even though I’m a model during the day, I go home and spend an hour or two at night in my home studio. I create so many songs that might not be in my EP, but could be in my next album.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

When I’m not working I like to travel and spend time with my family. With confinement over, I spend much of my free time with my mom and siblings. I also love to take them on vacation and we love to travel around Europe. I also like to play sports like soccer and swimming. Exercising is fundamental for my mental health and keeps me in shape.

Any goals for yourself as an artist at this stage of your career?

My ultimate goal is to make my music my next career path. Creating music and performing is a big passion for me, so making a profession out of it is my goal at the moment. When I’m able to make a living from that and go around the world, that’s where I know I’ve been successful. I would never make music if it didn’t come from my heart. A lot of people want to make music for the glory, but I make music for the love and the passion I get from it. My goal is to have my music heard by different people around the world and to rap on stage with a lot of energy by opening myself up to other artists like Drake or Lil Uzi.

Is there something fans might not know about you?

A lot of my fans don’t know that I’m a deep thinker. I really like spending time alone and thinking a lot. Meditating at least once a day helps me clear my head and focus on what is really important. For my sanity, I don’t focus on things I can’t control. It is unhealthy to over-analyze something that I cannot change or fix. Rather, I focus on improving myself and learning to improve myself next time.

How is music a coping mechanism for you?

When I was 10, my parents divorced. I grew up with them fighting and yelling at each other. When they went through their divorce, I used music as a way to escape these bad times in my life. With the dark and sad music I was listening to, I felt all the lyrics and all the melodies in my heart. The happier pop music I listened to automatically made my bad feelings go away. Music has always been therapeutic for me. When I was younger and in the mood, I would play the same songs on repeat for hours on my iPhone. It helped me cope with the world around me at that time.

Do you want people to know something else?

I haven’t decided on the title of my next EP yet, but I plan to announce it this summer so people should stay tuned for that. This EP is going to be a real reflection of me and my life growing up in Naples. I will be as honest as possible with every piece of music. It won’t be all good things and it won’t be all bad things. I will reflect on the happy times in my life and the sad aspects as well. Being a male model has its good sides and its bad sides. Money, drugs, and the pressure to stay warm and relevant in this industry will all be mentioned in the leads. The transition to rap music is difficult, but I hope people can see the real me in this project. People can also follow me on social media and DM me. I try to answer as many people as possible.