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Meet Nafas Hussey: An Aspiring Model & Talented Modern Art Enthusiast


Her contemporary art and modern paintings have filled her with a lot of love and recognition.

The past decade has seen and seen many motivated and talented people who excel in many areas of life. They are not bound by societal norms and conventional ways of working and often make their own way. Many entrepreneurs, industries and businesses flourished during this period and provided a great boost to society and the economy as a whole. Let’s read the story of one of these young, multi-faceted professionals who quickly juggled her talents between two worlds: Nafas Hussey.

Nafas Hussey was born and raised in Lahijan, a city in northern Iran, and since childhood was inclined towards arts, crafts and painting. She has developed her basic talents in a way that has allowed her to find work as a model, but is also an ardent and established artist proving her skills and expertise in many of her paintings and modern arts. Her passion, love, interest in paintings and her display for other artistic work has propelled her to be one of the most emerging talents in the industry. Nafas started painting at the age of 7 and with the support of her family she began to study architecture and completed her studies in the same field. Her immense love for the visual arts led her to change countries and settle in Australia. She is now an Australian citizen and resides in Sydney.

Nafas led several artistic expeditions to Iran and Australia. Specializing in modern abstract and modern contemporary which has been her style of art, she in no time has attracted great popularity among art lovers in Sydney and Australia. Nafas also excelled in her modeling career and has modeled for many different stores in and around Australia. Bewitching everyone in the modeling industry with her flamboyance, personality and style, she has been an incredible beauty attracting millions of people. She dreams of reaching greater heights in the modeling industry and also plans to lead many other artistic expeditions in the future.

Receiving a lot of love and recognition from her fans and her wishes, she continues to work hard to further her modeling career and thrive as a modern day artist. Follow her story on Instagram @ nafas.hussey.

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