Fashion model

Meet Kajal Gupta: a young model and event organizer trusted by big brands!

India is famous worldwide for its rich cultural diversity and Indian women are considered to be one of the most attractive people on our planet. Our country also has a very well-connected fashion industry. Over the past few years, several Indian female models have made a name for themselves by stepping onto the international ramps and making their star debuts to expand their field of work. Kajal Gupta is one of those models who have become famous in recent years.

Kajal Gupta is an ambitious 23-year-old model from Bangalore, India who has risen to stardom in the fashion industry. Very young, she established herself very well in the fashion industry. Not only is she a model, but also an experienced event planner who outshines others in planning brand shoots, commercials, catwalks, weddings, galas and special events. Despite her youth, she managed to earn a place in the list of famous models of our country. When she strikes a pose, heads naturally turn. Her curvaceous body and fair complexion surprised more than one. Her eyes are magical and cast a spell whenever someone looks at her.

As a model, Kajal has worked in several commercials, promotions, brand shoots and magazines. Some of the big names she has worked with include Facebook, Ola, Redmi, Titan, Jockey, Myntra, GIVA, Rico Desgaste, Work India, Stanza Living and Caterpillar. Besides that, she has also been the face of several beauty pageants and walked the ramp for several local and international brands. She has been featured on many posters as part of promotional works for brands and companies.

Apart from being a renowned model, Kajal is also a talented event planner. She designs, plans and manages each project from start to finish. She specializes in organizing immersive, innovative and unique brand shoots, commercials, fashion shows, weddings, galas and special events. Several major brands have entrusted her with the organization of their events and she has always exceeded their expectations. She is very good at juggling her modeling and event planning jobs and never misses a good opportunity to showcase her talent. If you are a brand or business looking to host an event or launch a new product, Kajal is indeed an event planner/model you should partner with.

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