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Meet Aarya Jadhav, a medical professional turned model and actress

Her creative instincts led Aarya to break down all barriers and head off on a journey she’s always wanted.

The glamor and entertainment industry has seen many talents in the past that set a precedent for future entrants. Times have moved on, and the new breed of models and actors today are multi-talented, they can model, they can act and do a lot of multi-tasking and excel at everything. We have one of those multi-talented personalities who not only conquered the modeling scene but also proved her acting prowess by appearing in a movie. She is a talent powerhouse to watch – Aarya Jadhav.

This young talent from Pune, India has today marked her presence in glamor as well as in the entertainment industry, her work being well appreciated by all. Having participated in many global projects, she is on her way to establishing her strong presence in the world of entertainment. His transition from medical professional to model and actor has been interesting and proves that if one follows their passion, nothing in the world can stop them from succeeding.

Aarya completed her BSc in Homeopathic Medicine in Pune followed by a Management Audit from IIM, Bangalore in Business Analytics. Her career has taken her to East African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania where she has worked in the field on various initiatives organized by the non-profit healthcare organization to which she worked. Aarya also had the privilege of officially meeting the President of Kenya at one of his social cause events. Her stay ended shortly after she headed to the United States in a bid to improve her career prospects.

“The first few days on foreign shores were difficult as I had to go through a series of odd jobs like working in retail outlets to support myself until I got the right break. J I had to adapt to any job that came my way and that’s how the first few days went,” says Aarya. Simultaneously, while working out, she set up her fitness routine and started following a strict workout plan to get physically stronger and toned up as modeling was also high on her to-do list Luckily, her dynamic personality paved the way for the glamor industry by getting a few plump assignments including a commercial for Proctor and Gamble This was followed by South Asian dating impression modeling and a starring role in a 17 minute short titled Hitchhiker She had indeed arrived and decided to pursue this career full time.

She has worked with one of the most renowned acting agencies like Cast Station and her portfolio has been clicked by some of the top photographers in the United States. Currently, she is gradually progressing towards fame by doing meaningful work that will definitely put her on a global pedestal. In the coming months. Stay tuned for more.

You can follow Aarya Jadhav on Instagram @aarya_jadhv.