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  • the IPhone 12 release date has been officially postponed for a few weeks, with a recent leak indicating that non-Pro models could be launched in the third week of October while the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are pushed even further.
  • Another leaker now says Apple has started recording its virtual iPhone launch event, a conference the leaky allegedly attended.
  • In a series of tweets, the leaker revealed the date of the main event, details on the specifications and design of the iPhone 12, the camera setup for the iPhone 12 Pro models, as well as an estimate of price.
  • Apple is expected to unveil two Mac models equipped with Apple’s ARM processors at the event, new iPads and an unimpressive Apple Watch Series 6. Leaking also indicated that the Apple card will soon expand to several markets.

The four iPhone 12 models Apple designed for this year’s iPhone launch have been officially delayed. Apple confirmed a few weeks ago that its new iPhones would not hit stores at the end of September as planned. Instead, they will be delayed for “several weeks”. A leaker who has repeatedly proven he has access to Apple sources revealed a few days ago that the cheapest iPhone 12 models can be released in the third week of October, one week after a launch event in mid-October. The Pros will supposedly arrive a few weeks later, in November.

Since then, another source has taken to Twitter to reveal a bunch of new details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 launch. This person claims that Apple has started recording the event on the iPhone, hinting that the iPhone keynote will be streamed online as the WWDC 2020 keynote, without an audience. This is understandable, given that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from contained and it is not known when it will be under control. The leaker also revealed a bunch of new details about the iPhone 12 handsets, some of which match previous leaks.

IPhone 12 event

Twitter user @LeaksApplePro took to Twitter on Sunday to announce that the iPhone 12 launch event will be taped at Apple Park starting last Monday and will be inside as it happens. He then gave several details about what he would have seen and heard.

“Fitter” Phil Schiller will attend the keynote, the official said, where Apple will unveil more than one ARM-powered Mac, new iPads, iPhone 12 models, a lackluster Apple Watch upgrade, and ” one more thing . “

This last thing concerns the Apple AirPower, the universal charger that Apple introduced a few years ago to quietly abandon it. Recent leaks indicate that the project was not actually killed and that this is a key part of the big picture. Apple is aiming to completely ditch the Lightning connector in a future portless iPhone.

IPhone 12 design

Some reports earlier this year indicated that the new iPhones will have a smaller notch, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The bezel size will not change either, although the handsets will have a different design.

The phones will feature curved edges, a mix between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 11 design, and they’ll be available in a new color, blue. Regarding the camera design on the Pro models, the leaker provided the following diagram:

IPhone 12 Specifications

The handsets won’t feature 120Hz or 90Hz displays, and they won’t have reverse wireless charging, the leak official said. They should feature the new A14 chip, more RAM, and a better camera system, which matches previous reports. We don’t need any rumors to predict that a new generation of iPhones will have better cameras. As for memory, some Android devices have already switched to RAM which is even faster, and this type of memory is only available in modules of 6 GB or more. Apple probably wants the faster RAM, which means an upgrade to 6GB.

The phones will have “a little more battery”, although the manager does not say what that means.

Other Apple Treats

This leak does not come without drama. Apple reportedly discovered that someone leaked details of the show’s recording earlier this week. As with any rumor, it is not known if this is all true. If that’s real, Apple might just re-register some things, although the details surrounding the devices obviously aren’t changed at this point.

The leaker said he was right with the release of iOS 14 beta 5 to prove he had access to inside information.

In a separate message, @LeaksApplePro said the opening speech will take place on October 13 or 14 and that the event will be announced on October 1. He also added that the final version of iOS 14 could be released on October 24.

Leaked also posted a few details about the allegedly delayed AirPods Studio headphones, including a claim that he already has the commercial video for the headphones:

The leaker revealed he couldn’t show the ads for fear his identity would be discovered:

Finally, he revealed that Apple Card will soon be launched in these markets:

As with any leak or rumor, take everything with a big grain of salt.

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