Local law enforcement agencies write letter opposing bill that could change arrests, cash bail – Colorado Springs, Colorado

El Paso County – A bill that was passed by the Colorado Senate could change Colorado police activity and ultimately the number of people in jail.

SB21-273 Colorado Springs Senator Pete Lee said the bill aims to change the relationship between the police and the general public. “We’re crazy about imprisonment,” Lee said.

The bill limits cash collateral that Lee describes as petty offenses, except when individuals threaten public safety or risk escaping. Changes to cash guarantees are minor offenses, local offenses, and serious class 4, 5 or 6 offenses, and may apply to serious drug offenses. “Too many people are in jail because they don’t have the money to pay bail,” Lee said.

SB21-273 requires that a subpoena be issued instead of stopping a particular crime. These offenses may extend to “trafficking offenses, offenses, drug offenses, local offenses, drug offenses or misdemeanors”.

Lee said the bill was only intended to create space in the prison: “It’s probably just as much that an innocent person shouldn’t be held in prison while awaiting trial. It is not a question of prison space. They should be given the opportunity to unite, to keep working, to keep earning money and to stay in touch with their families, ”Lee said.

Ah Letter of objection Bill vs. Bill was developed by several law enforcement agencies in El Paso County. The letter was signed by Colorado Springs, the monument, the Fountain Police Chief and the El Paso County Sheriff. The letter also included the mayor of Colorado Springs and the district attorney for the Fourth Judicial District.

Several law enforcement agencies in El Paso County have written letters against SB21-273.

The letter says authorities are concerned about the negative impact of SB21-273 on public safety.

“Supporters and opponents of SB21-273 agree that it reduces arrests, increases personal cognitive assurance, and reduces the prison population, but does not reduce crime. Crime within our community. therefore.”

SB21-273 Opposition

Local law enforcement has said the bill will only expand measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to public health restrictions, “many criminals who would normally be arrested and jailed have been charged and released,” the letter wrote.

“We have serious public safety concerns about the list of crimes that people are allowed to commit without offering law enforcement the possibility of a jail term. Lots of people in the community. Criminal Detention Arrests Affecting Family and Business These misdemeanors include misdemeanor-level misdemeanors such as mistreatment of animals, incitement or involvement in riots, mistreatment of corpses and a significant number of “property”. More and more crimes such as theft of up to $ 2,000. All of these crimes have a direct impact on the safety, security and well-being of all residents and communities, not just victims of specific crimes. “

SB21-273 Opposition

Finally, an opposition letter said the bill would show criminal liability as an option and ignore victims.

Is Colorado’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supports SB21-273Public policy director Denise Maes said the bill would allow police officers to be arrested on suspicion of a crime, but they would have to get a warrant first. “At the end of the day, law enforcement agencies don’t like what the bill means,” Mace said.

Mr Mace further said the bill was much more targeted than restrictions on prisons during a pandemic. She also provided ACLU data showing that a decrease in the prison population would lead to an increase in crime. He said he had never seen her. “I understand the backlash against the change, but I think it’s a change that the people of Colorado are willing to embrace,” Mace said.

Lee said SB21-273 is currently in the Colorado House of Representatives. He expects him to face the opposite.

The Colorado General Assembly will end on June 12.

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