Local agencies want your opinion on North County transportation

The San Diego Government Association (SANDAG) and Caltrans (State Department of Transportation) have stated that these agencies “offer a comprehensive set of safe, sustainable and equitable transportation solutions that allow them to travel faster, safer and more easily. Looking for tips on how to create across North County. “

This effort is called the Global Multimodal Corridor Program (CMCP). The North County study area is one of the first road corridors prioritized by the SANDAG Board of Directors. Includes Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido and Unincorporated North County.

SANDAG and Caltrans are encouraged to attend a virtual public meeting on July 8 from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and participate in their research.

To participate in the visit:


Or call: (669) 900-9128

Webinar ID: 890 1323 9678

We also send the following email: “SANDAG and Caltrans have prioritized improving transportation in North San Diego County. What are your thoughts?

SANDAG and Caltrans are working with local stakeholders and the general public to improve the North County transportation system. We are looking for ways to reduce congestion, support climate change initiatives and create cleaner transportation options. These efforts will provide access to the corridors to anyone living, working, or visiting North County. At your next meeting, you will be able to:

“Details of the Global North County Multimodal Corridor Plan

Provide feedback on North County transportation needs and opportunities

Participate in questions and answers with members of the project team. “

Participants will provide real-time information on North County transportation needs and opportunities, including the Sprinter LRT between Oceanside and Escondido Transit Center, the SR 78 / I-15 interchange and State Highway 76 (SR). 76), and the Inland Railway cycle path between Oceanside and Escondido.

Times-Advocate Readers can find the survey here:

Research- metroquestsurvey.com/13f0 (English) and metroquestsurvey.com/kk3u3j (Spanish).

Initially, the investigation was scheduled to run until April 30, but was extended.

Virtual Engagement Center – sandag.mysocialpinpoint.com/northcounty / sandag.mysocialpinpoint.com/northcountyespanol

The North County Multimodal Corridor Plan Virtual Engagement Center is a one-stop-shop for learning more about project details and keeping up to date with research and public meetings. The interactive map feature allows you to provide specific feedback using virtual pins on a map of the North County survey area.

North County Corridor Kareem Scarlet’s Caltrans Project Manager Times-Advocate, “We are so interested in the investigation that we have decided to keep it open. We are not summarizing the results at the moment. “

Scarlett said it was linked to two agencies that “were taking the Big Five Move concept and making it a real project.”

“Big Five Move” is a strategy developed by SANDAG and includes:

Complete corridor (multimodal route)

Transit Leap (fast and flexible transit)

Mobility hub (connection point)

Flexible fleet (first and last mile options)

The following operating system (OS means operating system)

“The July 8 public meeting is a way to share some of the information we’ve gathered so far on travel behaviors with the study area,” Scarlett said. “There is also a social website where people can leave comments on the map to talk about issues in the community. “

The survey, which lasted about four months, received 1,030 responses and 49 social benchmarks. Comments so far.

Scarlett said: “Our hope is to be a little more intriguing so that we can have more followers in the meeting. Over 1000 comments are good for the survey, but in the region of 600,000 we get more participation. If you can, that’s a good thing. “

“At the July 8 meeting, we will be sharing our research with the general public and hosting a public opinion meeting, poll, question-and-answer session where questions and answers will be available,” Scarlett added. I added.

Brian Lane, SANDAG Project Manager and Senior Transit Planner Times-Advocate. “Over the next three months, we’ll show them everything we’ve learned,” he said. “I will let you know what is missing and what is important to consider when proposing a transport repair. I am not ready to talk about a specific proposition. This is a listening session, so my needs You can understand. “

Lane said he was considering a timeframe from August to September to prepare the draft document.

“At this point, if the project hits the streets, there will be another public meeting,” Scarlett said.

“I think people are confused between regional planning and building corridors. Regional planning isn’t decided until the fall and winter, but it moves them forward so we can work on the planning, ”Lane added. It doesn’t mean you can’t let it happen. If you can get state and federal funding, you’ll be ready for almost anything and you can apply for these grants. “

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