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Julia reveals new career move after modeling and acting

Julia Trubkina is a multi-talented young woman. The 90 Day Fiancé star shares a major career update after trying her luck at various jobs.

90 day fiance Star Julia Trubkina decided to join the advertising industry after designing her new merchandise. Fans may remember the former actor from 90 day fiance season 8, during which she appeared alongside her current husband, Brandon Gibbs. Before coming to the United States, Julia worked as a go-go dancer and was always a workaholic. She turned her dreams into reality when she got her green card to work in America. After receiving the work permit, she tried to find work as a wedding planner, but learned that she might need to speak more fluent English to do the job. She also landed an interview for a dance instructor at a local gym, but things didn’t work out. Later, she tried her luck by becoming a stand-up comedian.


The 28-year-old reality star has never ceased to amaze 90 day fiance fans with new skills and talents. Over the past few months, Julia has revealed she’s gotten back into modeling, which is always a treat. Julia, from Russia, added that she naturally poses in front of a camera and doesn’t even need Photoshop to make her photos look good. The former reality TV star also opened up about her modeling background, revealing that she’s never done a runway but has been a photography model.

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Now Julia has stunned again 90 day fiance fans by revealing a new career move. Julia shared a photo of herself wearing a white top with “I’m going to Russia“Written on it. She wrote, “I used to work doing business cards and advertising in a design company“, and added that she had decided to return to the same ground. The photos show Julia posing in her amazing new t-shirt, in the colors of the Russian flag. 90 day fiance The celeb has turned her famous dialogue into merch indicates that she has a great mind that understands the world of marketing.

90 day fiance viewers support Julia in her new endeavor and shared encouraging comments on her post. One fan commented on how superior Julia’s work is to another brand and wrote: “Your design is better than the other t-shirt I saw on another page.Another fan commented on their interest in purchasing the shirt and shared, “I need one! I am planning to visit my boyfriend in Russia this summer…that would be cute af.” Since no purchase link is available in the post, 90 day fiance fans share comments such as “Beautiful t-shirt where did you buy it?

It would be great if travel enthusiast Julia shared the link soon, as she sure has a line of potential customers right in her Instagram comments section. It’s inspiring to see Julia try different things before settling down with just one job. Hopefully her new gig will work out for her in the long run and be something she can do on a regular basis. Judging by her last message written in English, it seems that she now has a good command of the language. Today more than ever, the 90 day fiance star can easily land an advertising job in America.

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Credit: Julia Trubkina/Instagram

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