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Intermx Hires Clint Daniels as VP of Modeling and Forecasting

The newest member of the growing team

CityCast and Intermx are at the forefront of developing nationwide travel metrics…”

—Clint Daniels

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, Feb. 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Intermx, a leading demographic intelligence and software company, today announced that Clint Daniels will join the company in the newly created vice president of modeling and forecasting.

Intermx develops population mobility data and software solutions featuring high-value analytics, insights and tools to help organizations make better, more actionable decisions. Intermx is the leading provider of location-based population mobility solutions for the U.S. outdoor advertising industry and is expanding its reach to include verticals such as travel and tourism, solutions transportation and mobility, retail, real estate, and better decision-making for municipal planners.

As the company’s Vice President of Modeling and Forecasting, Daniels will manage the modeling of the company’s popular Transport Foundry CityCast product that helps urban planning and the transportation industry leverage information about the past. and the present to test different futures in order to make more informed decisions.

“I’m super excited to lead the next wave of the CityCast system,” Daniels said. “CityCast and Intermx are at the forefront of developing nationwide travel metrics that can be used to improve public decision-making, our environment, and the daily lives of people in every neighborhood and city across the country. ”

“We are thrilled to have Clint on our team now,” said Josie Kressner, senior vice president of data at Intermx. “His experience working in both the public and private transport and urban planning sectors gives him invaluable insight as he shapes the CityCast ecosystem into the future.”

Clint is a leading voice in travel demand modeling and transportation planning. He has been at the forefront of creating software, transportation models and urban data applications for the past twenty years. It has helped elected officials, planners and communities make more informed infrastructure investment and policy decisions using data and analytics. He has significant experience in the public sector in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego and in the private sector as a consultant supporting cities and regions across the United States.

Clint’s commitment to innovation and standardization in travel demand modeling and forecasting is a driving force in his work. In 2012, Clint was one of three people who started the ActivitySim consortium. ActivitySim focused on standardizing the development of the travel demand model. Clint was also the first president of the Zephyr Foundation. Zephyr is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings together travel modeling professionals from around the world to discuss, share, and discover new methods of travel demand modeling. Clint is also active in local planning in his hometown of San Diego, serving as an elected member of the community planning group and board member of a local transportation and housing accessibility nonprofit. , Circulates San Diego.

About Intermx®

Founded in 2017, Intermx provides “demographic intelligence” to partners in advertising, government, tourism, transportation engineering and retail. Leveraging geospatial technology, data scientists, engineers and UX experts, Intermx provides insights into population mobility through its data enablement platform. Intermx’s suite of proprietary solutions provides historical, real-time, prescriptive, and predictive population movement information that helps organizations make better decisions, while maintaining consumer privacy.

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