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Art lovers celebrate Archie’s 100th birthday

Grace Tame & Kate Ceberano AGNSW Archibalds Opening NightCredit:Belinda Rolland

Hours after Peter Wegner was announced on Friday as the winner of Australia’s most prestigious portrait award for his painting of Guy Warren, another 100-year-old artist, art lovers alighted at the evening of opening of the Art Gallery of NSW for Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize.

The appetizers left a bit to be desired but the drinks were flowing and why not? Last year’s 99th Archibald Prize was streamed online from the comfort of guests’ homes. But catering staff dressed in embellished “ARCHIE 100” hoodies didn’t seem delighted to serve canapes to tipsy art lovers.

While it was far from being a kneeling celebrity, the evening was followed by a unique mix of arty-folk, old money, and types of entertainment. Emerald city rubbed shoulders with the singer Kate ceberano, television presenter Yumi Styne and Australian of the year Tamed grace.

Minister of Arts Don harwin and her team of young employees didn’t hesitate to hit the dance floor to the sound of Kylie Minogue’s’ 90s hit. To go back in time.

And like all good holidays, after the party, there is an after party. The crowds flocked to the Bells Hotel in Woolloomooloo where the football star and human rights activist and Archibald’s 2021 subject Craig foster caught up with a former schoolmate Susi Muddiman who is director of the Tweed Regional Gallery.

Old ABC 7.30 face of the host and finalist of Archibald Kerrie O’Brien (painted by James Pouditch) supported the bar alongside the Prime Minister of South Australia Steven marshall (I don’t know why he was there?). Contemporary artist Richard bell whose work is currently on display at the MCA was spied on until the early hours of the morning.

Double Bay agent fired after harassment complaint

Six weeks later Emerald city revealed that a real estate agent in the eastern suburbs had been charged with improper conduct towards his colleague, Ray White Double Bay, general manager Elliott Placks confirmed that the alleged perpetrator is no longer employed at the agency.

“An agent was terminated following an investigation of inappropriate conduct towards a coworker,” Placks said. Emerald city in a press release on Friday.

“The investigation, led by the Mills Oakley law firm, was opened after a former employee filed a complaint of improper conduct.”

The agent at the center of the alleged incident has been on the ground since his profile was deleted from the company’s website three weeks ago. He did not respond when Emerald city asked if he would challenge his dismissal.

Although no longer employed at Ray White, the agent, who in the past shared his real estate listings on social media, still names the agency as his place of business on his public Instagram account.

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