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How Mac Jones Can Help Girlfriend Sophie Scott With Her Modeling Gig

The New England Patriots were written off at the start of the 2021 NFL season. But as the year went on, the team had huge wins with Mac Jones at the center. The quarterback played so well he’s definitely in the conversation to win Rookie of the Year and the fans are behind him as they hope Jones and the Pats play through January.

Patriots loyalists have also gotten to know Jones’ girlfriend Sophie Scott, who is his beau’s biggest supporter and even helped him learn his playbook before the season begins. Scott recently posted a photo promoting a clothing line and if she needs any modeling advice she can turn to Jones for advice.

Mac Jones smiling during warm-ups ahead of preseason game | Kathryn Riley / Getty Images

Scott shared his model outfit

Like Jones, Scott attended the University of Alabama. She studied kinesiology and exercise science and worked at the university orthopedic clinic. Prior to that, she was a marketing intern for 801 Pioneer School of Business in Kirkwood, Missouri, and worked as a sports medicine intern for the University of Alabama Football. But modeling could also be part of his future.

In November 2021, Scott took Instagram and modeled an outfit to promote the family business These three shops.

“On to another away game. I’m so glad @shopthesthree is having the cutest game day! Scott captioned the photo.

Jones spent time in front of the camera as a child

If Scott decides to go into full-time modeling, Jones can offer him some advice. That’s because he knows a thing or two about being a model who worked for the company as a kid.

In an interview with Local 5 News in Iowa Jones revealed he was a kid model and said his parents “never pushed me into playing sports, which was really cool. So I tried modeling, acting. My sister had done it and it’s like a model camp and I was like, I’m going to try it. It was good to have tried it and to realize that I didn’t necessarily want to do this but that I had this under my belt.

What Jones Said About His Monday Night Football Debut

Many Pats fans are happy he chose career football instead and are excited for the rest of the season. Something Jones looked forward to was his Monday Night Football debut against divisional rival Buffalo Bills.

Before the game, the Patriots signalman joined Merloni & Fauria on WEEI 93.7 and talked about performing in front of a hostile crowd on the Monday night stage.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Monday night games are a lot of energy, ”Jones said. “Obviously where we play is a big football city, which cares a lot about football, they have a really good team. I know both teams are going to play hard. It’s going to be a good atmosphere… I know [the Bills] have a large fanbase. They have a lot of passion and bring a lot of energy to the games.

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