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How Juliana’s Modeling Career Promoted Amid Engagement

90 Day Fiancé star Juliana Custodio hasn’t stopped promoting her modeling work while going through big life changes, including an engagement with Ben.

Ancient 90 day fiance Star Juliana Custodio posts quirky model photos on social media after her engagement to Ben Obscura. Juliana shot to fame when she appeared on 90 day fiance season 7 with her now ex-husband Michael Jessen. The couple had a happy ending on the show, but their marriage didn’t last. The duo separated a few months ago and Juliana left with Ben. In fact, she is now expecting a baby with him.

After appearing on 90 day fiance, Juliana has thrived in her professional career. She worked as a successful international model and forged her own path in recent years. Juliana has previously appeared in high-profile modeling gigs featured in Solstice magazine and music videos. More recently, Women Management New York and Time Model International have represented Juliana. She currently has over 400,000 Instagram followers who applaud her various modeling endeavors. As Juliana focuses on growing her modeling career, she is also sharing content on YouTube and TikTok.


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Just because Juliana is going through big changes in her life doesn’t mean she’s stopped updating her followers about her work. Recently, Juliana shared a behind-the-scenes video of her new modeling project for ELLE Arabia. She looked absolutely stunning in the pictures while posing in unique and eye-catching outfits.

Before his recent concert, Juliana shared a black and white photo of the model on her Instagram. She looked great in the photos again and tagged her makeup artist and hairstylist in the post. A lot 90 day fiance viewers showered Juliana with many positive comments. However, some naysayers find it hard to rejoice in his accomplishments. One reviewer called it “budding model“, which caused Juliana to clap. She told the troll to go back and google some of her work. Juliana added that she doesn’t like wasting her time and energy on people who post negative comments Some viewers may think Juliana should’ve ‘I didn’t get pregnant at the height of her modeling career, but they should understand that no one makes such big decisions lightly.

It’s great to see Juliana maintain a positive outlook on her life, as well as an ongoing commitment to her career. Most of her followers know that she had a very difficult childhood, so it’s good that she has turned things around in recent years. When Juliana first appeared on TLC, some mistakenly referred to her as a gold digger. However, it was only later that many 90 day fiance viewers realized they never really knew her. She went from being called upon by the public to inspiring it. Juliana has had a great trip so far. Hope the 90 day fiance alum continues to update her followers on her life as she prepares for her wedding to Ben and their new baby.

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Source: Juliana Custodio/Instagram, Juliana Custodio/Instagram

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