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How a local girl landed a modeling career in NYC

HONOLULU magazine was born from its predecessor Pacific paradise, which began in 1888, serving a commission from King Kalākaua. This makes it the oldest continuously published magazine west of the Mississippi with an enviable archive worth checking out every month. Here is a return to September 1966.

A A striking feature about local girl-turned-model Chris Thompson tells of her Cinderella-like rise from lanky teenager to cover star. She was discovered by Ms. Henry Damon and her 8 year old son Dwight at the Ala Moana Center, and now, “She lives with Eileen Ford, director of a high end modeling agency, and life is really very exciting,” writes HONOLULU. “This week Chris started working in New York for Charm and miss magazines, a TV commercial and has been invited to Europe for fashion openings.

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Although the article focuses on Thompson, success also comes to others around her: the jewelry in the photos was designed by Al and Linda Brown for Baba Kea, who set up her own department at Liberty House in 1967. The bold and bright photography of photographer Alma McGoldrick’s work regularly graces the pages of HONOLULU for the next decade. And Dwight, great-grandson of Samuel Mills Damon, is growing up to play a leading role in the local film community as the owner of the highly regarded Movie Museum in Kaimukī.

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