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Green Modeling Contracting enters the African market

Egypt – Green Modeling Contracting (GMC) is one of the leading construction companies in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, providing a wide range of high quality services and solutions in infrastructure, commercial, residential and landscaping projects.

GMC has carried out several projects for government agencies since 2019, in particular for the Ministry of Interior, including Wadi Al-Natrun Rehabilitation Center and Khanka Police Training Center, according to Abdel Rahman Gaweesh – Director General from GMC.

Daily News Egypt spoke with Gaweesh to learn more about the company’s business and expansion strategy in the Egyptian market.

Tell us about the activity of the company and its creation.

Green Modeling Contracting is a member of Al-Gaweesh Contracting and was founded by Helmy Gaweesh in 1981 to implement various projects ranging from industrial to commercial for multinational companies and the public sector. So far, we have executed more than 50 prestigious large-scale projects in different sectors.

In 2006, the company limited its work to Egypt and expanded to the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, but after the start of the construction boom in Egypt in recent times, mainly in the field from the construction and property development industry, the company has returned once again to invest in Egypt and participate in the state-sponsored urban renaissance. As a result, the company reopened its headquarters in Egypt and increased its investments three years ago.

Since 2019, the company has carried out several projects for government agencies, in particular for the Ministry of Interior, including the rehabilitation center in Wadi Al-Natrun and the police training center in Khanka.

Also, I would like to point out that working with the Home Office was very important to GMC, and they provided our team with all the facilities and funding needed to complete these projects in a very short time, the GMC backed and that’s why we consider them our partners in success.

Daily News Egypt spoke with Gaweesh to learn more about the company’s business and expansion strategy in the Egyptian market.

What other projects has the company built outside of Egypt?

The company has been successful outside Egypt in executing various projects including the development of the Neuro Spinal Hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

Who are your current customers?

We cooperate with different and distinguished government clients, especially the Ministries of Transport and Interior, New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and other state agencies in the development of national projects.

We also cooperate with private sector companies such as Green Solidaire, Larz, Merck, Shell, Pfizer, Azizi Developments, Al-Ahly Sabbour, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Shipsy, Exxonmobil and others.

What qualifies a company to partner with certain government agencies in the construction of certain projects?

We are one of the few fast-track companies, which is very important now to deliver projects ahead of schedule with target quality.

In addition, listening to the needs of our customers allows us to fully manage the project with attention to every detail. This perspective has allowed us to continue to provide unique services since GMC’s emergence in the market.

What is your plan to increase private sector clientele?

We are currently cooperating with private sector companies and jointly developing several projects inside and outside Cairo. Furthermore, we are keen to achieve a balance between our public and private sector clients, which means increasing our private sector clients before the end of the current year.

What are the geographical areas in which GMC operates in Egypt?

The company executes projects in Cairo, North Coast, 10th of Ramadan, New Administrative Capital (NAC), New Cairo, Hadayek October and Upper Egypt.

What is your expansion strategy in the coming period?

Our goal is to be the leading general contractor in the MENA region, providing the highest level of support service in the industry and creative solutions to the challenges our customers face every day. Additionally, the company intends to expand into the African market by opening a new branch in Tanzania to serve the region next year. Additionally, I believe that Libya is one of the most important markets the company intends to expand into in light of Egypt’s strategy to rebuild the country.

Please explain GMC’s efforts to implement environmentally friendly projects in Egypt.

Green Modeling Contracting is one of the few companies to use green concrete in construction, which is very durable and lasts a long time. In addition, the company uses green energy sources in its work.

Moreover, we are one of the major players in the construction industry in Egypt, which is why the company has adopted several green solutions, including recycling and the exploitation of polluting emissions during the production of electricity ; heating and cooling buildings, hospitals and factories, which will double the efficiency of energy production at a lower cost per joule while reducing pollution.

Do you think implementing such technology or using green sources places more burdens on businesses or customers?

On the contrary, it reduces the cost of projects by 35%, especially for mega and huge projects. This is actually quite important for companies operating in the NAC, as it is a smart and sustainable city that depends on solar energy to generate electricity for its buildings.

All public sector companies welcome and take care to use this type of green architecture in order to ensure environmental sustainability. Moreover, the vast majority of the raw materials needed for this type of green energy are available on the local market, and very few of them are imported from abroad.

Egypt is keen on developing green projects and is engaging in environmentally friendly projects ahead of COP 27. What are your plans to promote and support state efforts to initiate and develop green projects?

Egypt has taken serious steps in the transition to clean energy by initiating and developing several projects, namely the Benban solar park project in Aswan and the establishment of the NAC as the first clean and smart city in the country.

We have already participated in supporting the Egyptian transition strategy towards clean and green energy. The aforementioned projects we are working on reduce carbon emissions by 97%, making them environmentally friendly.

How do you think the Egyptian market has been impacted by current global challenges?

Current global challenges have had a real impact on the local market, with the Russian-Ukrainian war leading to higher commodity prices. This is on top of rising global inflation since before the conflict, which has affected all economies.

However, local businesses will eventually need to operate based on current circumstances and adapt and adjust their plans. Green Modeling Contracting always updates and adjusts its strategy and plans according to market developments.

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