Governor Tony Evers signs executive orders raising the flag of gay pride, urging agencies to use non-sexist language | Local government

“I ask them to invest more,” Evers said. “What the Republicans have put forward is not only insufficient, but even if they follow these federal guidelines, it is an inadequate response.”

For the third year in a row, Evers, flanked by Democratic lawmakers, advocates and LGBT children, signed an executive order allowing the gay pride flag to be hoisted above the State Capitol in June and allowing it to fly to other state and local buildings. government institutions across Wisconsin.

“In addition to celebrating the resilience and joy of the LGBTQ community, Pride also gives us the opportunity to reflect on how the state and our communities can be better allies,” Evers said in a statement. “These executive orders today recognize the work we must do as a state to protect, support and celebrate all LGBTQ Wisconsinites, especially our children, and ensure that our state is a safe, inclusive and just place where every no one has the resources and support to thrive. “

In addition to authorizing the hoisting of the pride flag, Evers also signed two additional executive orders directing state agencies to use non-sexist language in their external communications and preventing any future state or federal funding. to be used for the discredited practice of conversion therapy for LGBT minors. .

One of the orders will direct state agencies to use non-sexist language whenever possible in external documents, which includes not only the use of gender-neutral terms, but also drafting to eliminate the need. pronouns, omitting superfluous gendered words.

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