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Governor Newsom vows to ban assault weapons in California by modeling Texas abortion law

CHICO, Calif .– Governor Gavin Newsom pledges to ban assault weapons by allowing individuals to seek an injunction against anyone who manufactures, distributes or sells assault weapons or phantom weapon kits.

“If you’re really trying to protect people, make it difficult for criminals, don’t make it difficult for law-abiding people. They go out and buy guns which are absolutely legitimate purchases, ”said Down Range owner Steve Dyke.

Dyke tells Action News Now that he thinks it’s not a good decision for California to go all the way because the industry already has multiple regulations.

“We obey all laws. We are fundamentally one of the most regulated industries on the planet. We are regulated by the federal government, we are regulated by the state government, we are regulated by the local county government and by the city government, ”Dyke said.

Gov. Newsom’s pledge comes after the Supreme Court allowed Texas’ abortion law to remain in effect on Friday, which allows private citizens to sue abortion clinics and anyone who assists with the procedure after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. This law runs counter to the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade and the freedom to abort.

“I can see where he can see a door open, and say yes, that’s how it works and I will ask the Supreme Court on my side to overturn a law that I think is not working. as I wish. ” said Kent Wuestefeld who lives in Chico.

Several people like Wuestfeld have told Action News Now that they are more concerned about the meaning of a law like this, if it does, showing that states can now simply pass laws against decisions and amendments. the Supreme Court.

“Well that opens up a slippery slope and I’m sure they’ll try a lot to get down that slope but I don’t think they will. I just think it’s a waste of time myself, ”said Don Ferguson, who lives in Chico.

As of yet, nothing has yet been signed into law regarding this possible newly structured ban.

Governor Newsom has asked his staff to work with the state legislature and the Democratic attorney general to pass legislation implementing this.