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Former Harlingen baseball player lands modeling gig

JOURDANTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Former Harlingen baseball player John Conway considers himself a lucky man.

A 1996 graduate of Harlingen High School, he is the head baseball coach at Jourdanton High School.
Conway unexpectedly landed a second job, modeling.

“I fell into it,” Conway said. “I fit the look they’re going for.”

Conway entered to win a gift card from the big and tall DXL clothing store.

He didn’t win the card, but his looks helped him win a job modeling for the clothing store.

“I got a message on social media about six or seven months later asking if I was interested in modeling for them,” Conway said. “I thought it was a scam, something you don’t see every day. Got a phone call, talked to them, sure it’s legit. Next thing you know, I’m flying to Maine for my first shoot.

The gig provides Conway with a glamorous lifestyle while at work.

“The limo takes me where I need to go,” Conway said. “They feed me, paid daily. A lot of pleasure. I wish everyone could do it.

Conway doesn’t have to work hard to excel in modeling.

“They said you’re doing a really good job,” Conway said. “I’m like I’m not doing anything, just standing here. Next thing you know, they put up posters in the windows of the places. There was a big one in Frisco, Texas.

While modeling is fun, her passion is coaching.

Conway has fond memories of his time as an athlete at Harlingen High School.

“Excellent experience,” said Conway. “Great coaches. Coach Rene Medrano was my coach at the time, coach Gilbert Leal and quite a few coaches there.