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Everything about Christian Birkenberger’s modeling career

Although Christian Birkenberger has told other guests that he is a general contractor, he conveniently left out that he also had a career in modeling.

Among the 16 new guests vying for season 23 of Big Brother is Christian Birkenberger, and fans want to know more about his past modeling career. Since the season premiere last week, fans are still getting to know each player. They recently learn that Christian was once a model before his Big Brother career.

Christian is one of the youngest players to appear on the show this season. At just 23, Christian works as a general contractor in his hometown of Harwinton, Connecticut. There is no doubt that Christian enjoys physical activities because his physique is very toned and muscular. Not only that, but Christian has also already proven himself to be good in physical competitions. To top it off, he has a head of gorgeous curly locks and bright blue eyes.


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With a physique and blue eyes like his, it’s no surprise that Christian had a career in modeling before. According to Managing models, Christian was once “a professional model with representation throughout the Northeastern United States“It is not known how long ago Christian started modeling or when his career began; however, his Instagram bio lists his account as”modelexperience in the areas of track, fit modeling, gel modeling, print modeling and commercial play.

Some of Christian’s past shoots include working with fashion designers as well as an appearance in a Six Flags commercial. He even once modeled wedding outfits for a live broadcast from a local news station. According to his Instagram biography, Christian is currently working with two model agencies. One is True Model Management while the other is Model Club Inc. A lot of his posts include lots of hashtags which is quite possibly Christian’s way of trying to gain both a wider audience and exposure. for his career. One fan claimed on Reddit that Christian once said he wanted a better acting resume. He reportedly added that being on the show would help him gain exposure. The user did not note when or where they made these comments.

As fans begin to learn more about Christian’s modeling career, they begin to wonder if he was actually recruited for the show rather than just being a candidate. While this bothers some fans who would rather see a house full of true fans of the show, others say the show needs a balance between the two. It’s unclear why Christian chose not to list modeling as a career for Big Brother; However, he’s not the only actor lying about their trade this season. Maybe he thought people would look at him differently if he revealed his modeling career. As longtime fans know, anything and everything can be held against a player inside this house.

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Big Brother 23 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

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