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Dubuc makes a major breakthrough in modeling

Growing up, Ally Dubuc from Cheshire remembers turning the pages of magazines to see what celebrities like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera were up to at the moment.

The 2014 Cheshire High School graduate had no idea that years later she would pick up a magazine and look at her own face.

Aspiring model, Dubuc, 26, was stunned to learn this year that she had been chosen to cover the March issue of Style Cruze Magazine. Back on February 19, the publication also put it on a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

“I’m so touched by everything,” said Dubuc.

His blossoming career took Dubuc by surprise. After graduating from CHS, she first studied science and communications at Central Connecticut State University.

“I had terrible migraines looking at microscopes in my last science class. I knew I had to make a change,” Dubuc recalls.

She interned as an intern at ESPN, but a chance encounter opened a new door for her in 2020. Passing the Cornell University bookstore in New York, she was approached by a talent scout for Gucci and vogue who asked her if she was interested in modeling.

“I thought it was a joke because I’m not tall, but she said I looked good,” Dubuc explained.

From there, she took the opportunity to do her first test shooting in New York.

“When the headshots started, I was shaking,” Dubuc recalled. “They (the crew) told me to calm down.”

To help calm her nerves, she brought an umbrella as a prop and used it to strike a pose during a traffic break on Fifth Avenue. Some of the photos appeared in Beauty Magazine.

“I ran down the road and he (the photographer) took the picture in 15 seconds,” Dubuc said.

Also for the shoot, she posed in front of Michael Jackson’s former home and at the Bowery Hotel. At the hotel, Dubuc liked to use the roof to take fitness shots.

“The crew said they had never seen a better view in their life,” Dubuc said. “It was beautiful because you had the whole skyline of Manhattan.”

The onset of the pandemic slowed things down for the modeling industry, but Dubuc was able to get commercial jobs to start.

As the health situation improved, she used networking to build her career. Makeup artist Yelena Scheidler offered to take Dubuc under her wing.

“She was at my first shoot and said, ‘I saw a side of you that has 110% potential,'” Dubuc said. “She lives in Virginia and has a lot of friends.”

By word of mouth, Dubuc was contacted by the Style Cruze CEO and Founder Divyesh Pillarisetty. After seeing photos of her Gucci shoot and other work, he said he was interested in collaborating with her.

The pandemic initially delayed filming, but it was postponed until last summer in Virginia.

“We planned it by looking at which clothes were in and which weren’t,” Dubuc recalls.

On November 8 last year, Dubuc was surprised to learn that one of her photos would appear on a billboard in Times Square.

“I couldn’t believe it,” recalls Dubuc. “He wanted my name to be big and bold up there.”

Ahead of the big reveal on February 19 this year, she got a glimpse of a photo of herself wearing a white dress.

“I really thought the color would stand out in Times Square,” Dubuc said.

To coincide with the milestone, she decided to do a photo shoot in New York.

“I always want to dress to impress and stand out,” Dubuc said. “I was wearing a black dress that I had bought.”

While her big night was cold and windy, she appreciated that a stranger came over and offered to do her hair on the spot.

“If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had a good photo for the reveal,” Dubuc recalled.

Dubuc was told that in addition to her billboard, she would do the covers for the February and March issues of Style Cruze. She had pictures taken earlier this year.

“It was my first haute couture photo shoot,” Dubuc said. “They (Style Cruze) get about six thousand submissions for the magazine. It’s a very competitive industry. »

After the cover was posted on social media on March 4, she was thrilled to pick up a copy later that month from Iconic Magazines in New York.

“I found it between a copy of vogue and rolling stone with JLo (Jennifer Lopez) on the cover. I quickly grasped it,” recalls Dubuc.

For the cover, Dubuc wears a green dress, while she wears purple on the back.

“Inside the magazine are eight photos of me and a thank you note,” Dubuc said. “It was surreal when I first saw it. I cried because I knew I had made it.

Dubuc wants to promote a positive vision of his new career.

“I think the era of modeling has changed. It’s not like 2014 or the 1990s where being super skinny was all the rage,” Dubuc explained. “I think healthy is the new sexy. “

Even before becoming a model, Dubuc had a passion for training in the gym.

“I have a very good metabolism. I need to consume more calories than a lot of people,” Dubuc said. “In personal training, it’s all about gaining muscle. Before I started, I didn’t do a lot of strength training, but it’s really sculpted my body now.

Dubuc has battled endometriosis, a condition that causes tissue to grow outside the uterus, but after undergoing surgery this year she is feeling better and hopes to be cleared to start training soon with a new coach.

By taking care of her body, Dubuc believes she has the potential to continue modeling for years to come.

“It’s a way of life for me,” Dubuc said. “I believe in being healthy and eating in moderation. It helps me mentally too.”

New to the business, Dubuc wanted to learn about businesses on her own and then decide which opportunities to pursue.

“I learned so much from the modeling aspect of how to do business properly and manage sales,” Dubuc said.

From her research, she tried to model in different categories.

“My portfolio is very versatile and that’s the key to success because you can go from high-end catwalk to fitness to skincare. They’re so different,” Dubuc explained. said I had a natural talent for everything, but I think my strong point is swimming.”

Dubuc appreciates the advice she has received from people like photographer Ben Amare, with whom she worked in Virginia and Washington, DC, last summer. To overcome the nerves while posing, Amare told her that she needed to mentally train her mind to become an actress.

“He said it’s (modelling) just you and you’re acting. That was helpful because I had difficulty with hand placement,” Dubuc said. “I always bring a prop to the shoots because it helps calm my nerves and sets you apart from other girls.”

This year Dubuc had the opportunity to work with Cheshire photographer Joey Jones at Old Saybrook.

“He likes old Hollywood shoots, so we did it, and then we moved on to other outfits,” Dubuc recalled.

With his career accelerating, Dubuc plans to sign with an agency in May.

“I got to the point where I can’t control everything anymore,” said Dubuc. “I can make calls back and forth 10 times a day.”

She hopes new contacts can help her get more work in the fitness industry. From her original photo shoot two years ago, Dubuc has kept a few photos that she would love to shop.

“I think there aren’t a lot of options for women in sport,” Dubuc said. “So far, I have only found one well-known magazine that takes fitness photos.”

In reflection, Dubuc is proud to have waited a few years before seeking representation.

“If I had signed with an agency early on, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” Dubuc explained. “I learned so much about the craft.”

After filming a car commercial and a music video this year, she is interested in doing more commercials and/or moving into acting.

“These (experiments) were so much fun,” Dubuc said. “I am very practical. I take the lead very well.

Although she enjoyed expanding her horizons, Dubuc would also like to give back to her hometown. If Cheshire businesses are interested in her for publicity work, Dubuc said she can be contacted by email at allystacy01@gmail.com.

“It would be a memory I would love to have,” Dubuc said of working on projects in Cheshire. “I’m open to doing a car ad (locally). My dad owned a 1969 Camaro and now he’s looking to customize a Corvette.

She is also open to people who ask her for advice on getting into the modeling industry. For creators and companies, Dubuc also offers free advertising on social networks.

“I want to give back. Helping others makes me feel better at the end of the day,” Dubuc explained. “I want people to see me as down to earth.”

She appreciates her family’s support in and out of the modeling industry.

“I am told a lot that my parents raised [me] very well and it means a lot,” said Dubuc.

Before her grandfather died, Dubuc remembers him telling her in high school and college that she would become a model.

“I told him you’re just saying that to make me feel better,” Dubuc said. “Even if he’s not here to see it, it’s good to know he was right all along.”