Dodd hopes the water bill will help those who run into debt | Local News

“COVID has only made it worse. The same with the electricity and gas bills. It’s just gotten really worse since COVID.”

“No one should be denied access, regardless of income level or economic status,” Dodd said in a press release earlier this week, with the Senate vote “a step to ensure that customers low-income earners get the help they need to keep the tap on. I thank my colleagues in the Senate for supporting this measure.

Senate Bill 222 would prevent cuts by creating a water fund for low-income taxpayers in economic difficulty. It would build on Dodd’s previous legislation. Its Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Act, or Assembly Bill 401, commissioned a study on how to deal with affordability. It resulted in recommendations including this new fund. He also wrote The Water Shutoff Protection Act, or SB 998, which offered important safeguards against water disconnections.

Another water bill drafted by Dodd, Senate Bill 626, passed the Senate on Wednesday 36-2.

The Water Projects Bill would streamline improvements to the state’s obsolete central water distribution system.

“Water is the lifeblood of our state and drought underscores the need to update our aging water infrastructure,” said Dodd. “This legislation will speed up the procurement process so that supplies continue to flow to our communities and our farmers.”

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