Celebrity Treasure Island: Underdogs, Villains and Baywatch Models

Expect the unexpected when it comes to underdog Joe Daymond. Photo / TVNZ

Welcome to tonight’s recap, an involuntary love letter to Buck Shelford.

Yes, with every “daddy buck” moment that we had my heart grew three sizes and I said “aw”. Shelford is the father figure who keeps everyone in line, especially Edna Swart, who said her ideal afternoon included two-minute noodles and mayonnaise.

Shelford had to put on his fatherly voice and stern face and said: “Two minute noodles are not healthy”.

You heard it here the first time. Shelford doesn’t approve of the faithful two-minute noodles.

He later taught children how to throw a rugby ball, and his reality TV son Chris Parker lived for it. Until Parker decided he needed to equalize his experiences, so he said “see you later” to daddy and went to find Swart for a posing tutorial on Instagram.

After a few slow downs, Baywatch in black and white comes out of the water, I am convinced that Swart is the double of Megan Fox. As for Parker? Has for effort.

Meanwhile, Repo captain Lance Savali has shared his secret with Joe Daymond and Parker – he has a safe card and he will only use it for the Alliance members, which are the Three Boys and Brynley Stent. .

Daymond smiles for the confession camera. He may seem like an underdog – but make no mistake, he warned viewers, he has a plan up his sleeve.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to underdog Joe Daymond.  Photo / TVNZ
Expect the unexpected when it comes to underdog Joe Daymond. Photo / TVNZ

In Katipō, Angela Bloomfield was plotting once again. Here’s your Wednesday Night Villains update.

Bloomfield wanted to reach out to the other side, but she had a very specific person in mind and put a silencing spell on Jess Tyson after her suggestions to reach out to Swart. No, Bloomfield mwahah’ed. It had to be Stent who got the offer due to the acting relationship they share – they’re both actresses.

* End scene *

Ahead of the team’s showdown, Repo’s resident father and son had a quick chat where Shelford said he wanted to qualify for elimination against Barnett, which led Parker to call Shelford “Madonna” and Barnett “Lady Gaga”. And when Shelford said, “I don’t care, neither of them scares me at all,” Parker almost passed out.

“I’m obsessed with these straight guys who want to come out like heroes and I just have to remember not to get drunk on that masculinity.” Even Chris, the same.

After a very long lead to the showdown, we finally got there, and it didn’t disappoint. It included blindfolded players receiving instructions from two non-blindfolded team members to navigate a maze and then decode a puzzle.

Katipō still hasn’t figured out how a team is supposed to work. Bloomfield and Tyson were the instructors and they basically yelled at their teammates, got frustrated and well, not much more to say.

Oh except Barnett said “my worst nightmare is listening to women.” I had to hold my tongue, like all women in New Zealand and probably around the world.

On the other side of the scale Parker and Stent were the instructors of Repo and they got into such a groove that Swart started doing a little dance dance as per their instructions and when puzzle time came Shelford (father) and Parker (son) I got there.

Chris Parker probably points to his reality TV dad, Buck Shelford.  Photo / TVNZ
Chris Parker probably points to his reality TV dad, Buck Shelford. Photo / TVNZ

“Chris is fantastic, he makes people laugh. He’s a bit of a character.” Shelford told the confession camera, while Parker told everyone, “I’m going to name my first son Buck for sure.”

This relationship is too much for my heart.

As we approach the middle of Celebrity Treasure Island, everyone has started to take their alliances and strategies very seriously except Kim Crossman.

“I don’t have a strategy,” Crossman laughed at the confessional camera. “I have lifelong friends who want to drink wine with me after the game.”

You speak my language of love, Kimmy.

Savali and Shelford walked around and Shelford said he wanted to be eliminated. Savali, the always caring and taller captain, said yes, but only if it was safe for Shelford, who said he couldn’t do balancing.

Once the decision was made, Savali smiled and pulled Shelford in for a hug. “You are the man.”

Swart said if Shelford couldn’t make it she would and with that the team headed for elimination.

Tonight’s elimination saw Boss Babe and Repo’s business owner Edna Swart take on Katipō’s radio presenter Lana Searle.

“She’s not fierce like me, so I looked at Lana as easy prey,” Swart told the confessional camera, and she wasn’t wrong. After a one-lap balancing act, Swart took the win and Searle had to say goodbye.

I laugh.

Katipō Captain Tyson pulled out the mercy card and saved Searle from the flight home. A sigh of relief fell from Searle’s lips.

Everyone was a winner tonight.  Photo / TVNZ
Everyone was a winner tonight. Photo / TVNZ

And Swart won pirate gold. Everyone was a winner today.

With the exception of Bloomfield, who slipped his wedding ring note into Stent’s hand but forgot to mention opening it on his own. Dun dun dunnnnn.

Check back next week to find out what’s going on.

For all the gossip and behind-the-scenes stories, listen to Inside Celebrity Treasure Island hosted by S2 contestant Kim Crossman!

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